Organically tailored health & fitness services for optimum function, performance and body aesthetics.

Hello, my name is Michael Dadourian, and I specialize in online personal training and small group training. I also offer various other services like 1:1 training, whole raw food coaching, and even offer consultations to other fitness professionals. When I'm not working with clients, I co-host a preventative health web show called The DKMD Show, promote my So Crucial brand, keep a blog about my life and sobriety, and model for popular fitness and fashion publications.

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Michael Dadourian's New Book

Intimate Recovery

Intimate Recovery is Michael Dadourian's first book and chronicles his personal life in sobriety and early recovery.

It is an intimate read for those willing to get sober and stay sober.

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Welcome to the 21st Century

with Online Personal Training

How does online personal training work?

Personal training is effective because a trainer builds a program that is specific to YOU. But that doesn't mean you have to work together in person.

With Online Personal Training, you still get all of the benefits like:

  • A specially designed program to match your goals and equipment access
  • New workouts delivered each week
  • The convenience of setting your own schedule
  • Accountability and Motivation

Except now, your consultations and instructions are done through online communications such as email and even live video, utilizing Skype, GoogleHangouts, or other services!

Interested in learning more about how Online Personal Training works?

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What others are saying

  • Shellane Demarest
  • StephenSersen
  • JessicaGranucci
  • Roger Bezanis
  • I have been in this industry since 1999 and I can confidently say Michael Dadourian is an one of a  kind of Fitness Professional. His background in athletics as a certified trainer and Athlete separates him from the rest of the hundreds of trainers in this field. His knowledge of nutrition goes beyond what’s in the magazines.  He lives this lifestyle of clean eating and raw food diet.

    Michael Dadourian cares about his clients.  So much so that he would refer potential new clients to someone else if he felt he was not the right trainer for them.  That speaks volumes in this industry.

    If you are looking for a trainer who can train you anywhere, whether in person or consult you online, Michael Dadourian is your trainer.

    Shellane Demarest
  • My training with Michael has been very rewarding and incredibly interesting in all phases of the program. As a 50 year old male, I was seeking tra ining to get me to my weight loss goal. The knowledge, and motivation from this program is getting to my goal.

    Stephen Sersen
  • Mike has been a great inspiration for me and my weight loss journey. He is very educated in regards to nutrition and fitness and checked in on me consistently to ensure I was comfortable with my diet and exercise routine. Always made me accountable for what I  was and was not doing. I highly recommend Mike to anyone serious about changing their lifestyle and/or staying on a healthy path.

    Jessica G.
  • Michael is an excellent student, and an absolute sponge for information. He clearly thinks with and applies what he is taught. I am thrilled he is on board making Whole Food Raw Foodism a reality globally.

    Roger Bezanis
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From the Blog

The Brand

So Crucial

What is So Crucial?

So Crucial is the embodiment of all words that depict what is hot, what is cool, what is awesome, what is dope, what is sick, what is NOW.

Claudia Verela is So Crucial. Check her out at

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“So Crucial is everything in your life that makes you smile and feel naturally high.” — Michael Dadourian

The Shop

What does your So Crucial lifestyle look like? Check out The Shop for So Crucial MD branded clothing like women's camisole's and yoga pants, along with men's t-shirts! There is also an extension of The Shop with Michael Dadourian endorsed Health product and literature.

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So Crucial

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Health Web Series - Co-host

The DKMD Show

The DKMD Show is a Health Web Series. It is co-produced and co-hosted by myself and great friend of nearly 20 years. Together we organically bring to our audience, unbiased, health information based off of our successful experience and the experience of others. The DKMD Show is hosted on YouTube and is not monetized, which means that their are no ads or endorsements of any brands whatsoever. Check us out on Google+ and Youtube.

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Other Services

Modeling & Event Host


Michael Dadourian specializes in Magazine Fashion Editorials, Sports and Fitness Features, Commercial Work, Runway, Billboards, and Stage.

Learn MoreModel Mayhem

Event Host

Every event is unique in that it has a life of its own — complete with heart, soul, and personality. Each event flows with its own energy, tastes of its own flavor.

  • Co-created with DJ Joey A the wildly popular WYLD Wednesday in Metro Detroit in 2008 and by 2009 was the #1 Twenty-One and up weekday party in Metro Detroit
  • Hosted Night Club Events in the United States and South Korea
  • Help raised 1000's of dollars for Student Athletes of former High School through an Alumni Sporting Match

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Get to know MD

About Michael Dadourian

This may be the realest About Me section of the website. The realest, in that I'll briefly catch people up on what I am about between all the lines. I have learned not to put labels on myself. I have learned not to box myself into a certain mold of expectations established by the Mass Media circus.

I blog to help myself and to spark thought. Perhaps through that thought, through that conversation, I can inspire at the very least, just one person. My grammar may not always be correct, I may not always dot my i's and cross my t's to to speak but I will be as real as can be. If a reader stares a grammar error in the face, the message was never getting there anyway.

I blog about my travels around the world and the fitness and health industry where I do my best teaching and motivating. I blog a lot about surviving dual-diagnosis which includes heavy, past substance abuse. I blog about my new awareness and perspective on life and what I see around me. I'm also learning to blog once more in the fictional realm as well, via short stories.

If there is a subject within a certain topic you would like me to cover, contact me and give me the idea(s).