Maria Cedar is So Crucial

What can I say about this next model? When I think of Maria Cedar I think if their is such a thing as a proverbial “fountain of youth,” she know where it is!

I have gotten to know Maria a little over the years and what I do know of her is an awe inspiring, human that loves art and creates it by each photo shoot she is on. When she became interested in my So Crucial brand it meant a lot to me. Maria has really inspired me in a lot of ways and I am sure when I decide to take on projects again, she will be a big motivating factor for my own conditioning and training.

Maria Cedar modeling both So Crucial Black Pink Camisole and Leggings

Maria Cedar modeling both So Crucial Black Pink Camisole and Leggings

Maria travels domestically quite often and is focusing more on commercial shoots but is available for other aspects of modeling as well.  We will be checking back with Maria for an interview soon.  Make sure to check out Maria on Facebook! Also check out Bryan Beckedahl on Facebook as well!

I am truly excited for Maria that she continues to expand her modeling portfolio and that she wanted to include my So Crucial brand. She truly fits in the “So Crucial Family” and represents in so many ways what the brand is all about! I look forward to much more from Maria in the future.

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If you own So Crucial clothing already and use Instagram, feel free to use the hash tag #SoCrucialMD in order for to pull it into the So Crucial activity feed.

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