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Fitness: Relentless Routine

Goals inspire me and help me, facilitate the best possible program, for someone to excel at.  I put every client in a position to win.  Here’s a glimpse of Claire, below, relentlessly striking the bag.  Her strength and power is felt and heard, from those stiff strikes!  Her muscular endurance is progressing as well. Training […]

Training at Night

It’s a Saturday night and I am trying to get a workout in. When so many people are relaxing for the night or going out on the town, I am entering a workout facility. My long time readers know that I tend to avoid fitness centers for some specified reasons (check out some of my […]

Make it 21 Days

In order to make anything a habit, it takes about 3 weeks, minimum.  It takes doing something consistently for 21 days.  Usually, new habits are difficult to form because they often require a person to do something, that is out of their comfort zone. If it pertains to fitness, I want to express caution with […]

Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory

Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory, located at an undisclosed location! What you see above, is just half of the remodeled room, the other half is comprised of numerous mats and area for resistant band and body weight exercise. Why do I train myself here and not at a public training facility? I enjoy training myself […]

The Aleksandra Effect

I have recently begun training a courageous young woman with an incredible story of perseverance and determination.  Aleksandra is her name and she is one of my Friend & Family Clients; she is not waiting any longer to do what she can, to function again at a high level and look her very best, while […]