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Monday Movie Marathon: Fast & Furious franchise

Enter the most successful action film franchise, “The Fast & The Furious” (2001) franchise starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster.  If you like fast import cars and beautiful import models paired with American muscle cars and action packed race sequences than look no further to “The Fast & The Furious” (2001). The Fast & […]

Driving Without Windshield Wipers

      Drinking in the late stages of alcoholism is a lot like driving without windshield wipers.  No matter how hard I tried to keep my eyes on the road it was only a matter of time when I would lose total control and kill myself. I was a blackout drinker, time and events […]

Roger Bezanis on Protein

I get asked all the time by clients, friends, and family about eating and the importance of protein.  I refer to my source because he can explain it much better than I can and it saves me time. I have embedded tweets from my friend and author Roger Bezanis who I deeply respect for telling […]

Fly Red Eye

If you have trouble flying or you merely can’t stand the process from beginning to end than perhaps this blog can help. I have flown all over the world since being a child and now as an adult.  I used to really enjoy flights as a kid and thought they were the most exciting ride […]