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If you have trouble flying or you merely can’t stand the process from beginning to end than perhaps this blog can help.

I have flown all over the world since being a child and now as an adult.  I used to really enjoy flights as a kid and thought they were the most exciting ride their was to have.  I guess as a kid you don’t have to partake in the process and stress that leads up to the actual flight itself.  That all changed one flight during my adolescents.

As you continue to take trip after trip you begin to know what a smooth flight feels like and a not so smooth flight feels like.  Now, I don’t want to scare off anyone from flying because of course statistically speaking it is still the safest way to travel.

Let’s just say one trip in particular was rough from takeoff to landing and I was flying alone which probably did not help.  Well, I made it obviously, I have lived to blog about it.

Ever since then I have had a rough time with the whole process of flying from security, to waiting, to pre-boarding, to ascending all the way to the descent, to landing.

I have found that their are certain steps that I take now to help assure my anxiety won’t get the best of me to where I have to self medicate.

* Flying on Red Eye flights to me are very important because of a couple reasons.  If I can fly Red Eye their is usually a good chance that the flight will not be so full and I will get extra room.  I also like the fact that the airport bars and restaurants (where alcohol is served) are usually closed that late at night depending on the airport.

* I do not like connecting flights at all if I can help it.  Sometimes their is no choice depending where your final destination is.  I do not mind spending extra money to save the time, hassle, and a chance of luggage mistakes that come.

* Aisle seats are good for me, especially if I am a 16 hour trip to China!  I do not like asking people to get up if I have to use the bathroom or get up to walk the cabin a bit.  The longer the trip the easier it is for me to make an aisle seat decision.

* I never know what kind of food choices I am going to end up with ultimately so for me bringing my own food to snack on is necessary.  I have heard some horror stories of people becoming ill from food they have eaten on a flight.

* My notebook so I can jot down some ideas and reflections always comes with me on flights.  I will say some of my best thinking is done cruising 30,000 feet off the ground where my head is above the clouds.

Flying for me is still tough but if it wasn’t for airplanes I would not have been able to travel Europe, Asia, and North America as conveniently as I have been able to.

I hope that my process helps your flight experience more pleasurable.  You are now free to roam the cabin!

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