Archive | August, 2013

Wake Me Up

I have been so caught up and stubborn in my hip hop ways that I almost missed this summer’s anthem (according to me) by Swedish producer Avicii.  When I first heard the opening to this song it was reminiscent of a folk song but :40 seconds in the bpm kicked into overdrive and at 1:10 seconds […]

Flatline (based on true events)

…he walked for what seemed like weeks with no resolution and no destination.  He looked desperate and defeated as his walk turned into a painful limp.  Each new step developed new blisters and broke previous ones. Exhaustion, thirst, paranoia, hallucinations and absolute delirium sinking in as he sinks to the ground.  Taking off his shoes […]

Body Marked Up

I know a lot of people aren’t with the inked up scene but I am big into it.  Tattoos are a way of expression and can be extremely artistic. Women with tattoos and full sleeves are off the charts sexy to me.  Some women can even pull off the facial tattoos like Cleo Wattenstrom (pictured). For […]

6 Months Old

I have been without a drink or mood altering drug for 6 months and 2 days.  An addict/alcoholic would understand that as 184 daily miracles. I am very thankful to be alive after nearly ending it all this past February.  You see, I could never understand suicide when I was younger and never really questioned what […]