Body Marked Up

502cfaed7501bI know a lot of people aren’t with the inked up scene but I am big into it.  Tattoos are a way of expression and can be extremely artistic.

Women with tattoos and full sleeves are off the charts sexy to me.  Some women can even pull off the facial tattoos like Cleo Wattenstrom (pictured).

For me personally, sex appeal has everything to do with what separates one person from another.  Head to toe, inside out, what separates two people in the same room.  I believe that a person’s looks draws me to them and their personality keeps me there.

Tattoos can be the visual storybook to a person’s life, their chapters and trials and tribulations.  I am not saying that everyone’s tattoos are there for some deeper meaning than what you see at body’s value.  My tattoos (I have five now) all mean something special to me and I don’t have regrets regarding any of them.  Actually, I don’t have regrets about anything in my life because I needed the past to change my today.

I can’t wait to get some new ink and Cleo’s ink definitely inspires me to go ahead and begin work on some new pieces.

Willy Northpole – Body Marked Up


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