Archive | October, 2013

Citrus Flush

How are you eating?  Where are you getting the information from?  We have to ask important questions like is this source reliable?  Does the source have anything to gain from force feeding a particular diet or supplement to us?  What is popular culture’s agenda by determining healthy criteria? I have been sold too many magazine […]

Detroit Institute of Arts

This weekend I decided to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts.  With over 100 galleries covering nearly 700,000 square feet of beautifully designed architecture, I was completely in awe from the moment I entered through a well crafted entrance I can not believe I have never been prior to this weekend especially since having worked previously across the street […]

8 Months Old

October 4th, 2013 I earned my 8th month of continued sobriety.  What a feeling to celebrate that day with close family (blood in, blood out).  Since my first experience being drunk and high I have never gone over 5 months sober.  I would call everything previous to now as periods of being a dry drunk […]

Dont Look Down

I first heard Skylar Grey on a few different features where she sang the hooks and instantly thought her voice was incredible.  Her delivery is passionate and often time haunting.  I have included two tracks with the official visual accompanied.  Both tracks extremely different, showing Skylar’s diversity and talent as an artist.         […]