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Buy "The Ancient Raw Food Diet" by my friend and author Roger Bezanis

Buy “The Ancient Raw Food Diet” by my friend and author Roger Bezanis

How are you eating?  Where are you getting the information from?  We have to ask important questions like is this source reliable?  Does the source have anything to gain from force feeding a particular diet or supplement to us?  What is popular culture’s agenda by determining healthy criteria?

I have been sold too many magazine articles and so called medical doctors bullshit that comes with pushed prescriptions, supplements and chemical concoctions that are miracle healers.

I too believed much of what I thought was the truth until I found the real truth.  Natures living food is the true healer.  I am happy to now have someone I can refer my clients to, someone I trust as providing the real truth backed by real science.

Roger Bezanis is the author of two of my favorite books that I give to clients as soon as they purchase Personal Training Sessions from me.  They get “PH Madness” and “The Ancient Raw Food Diet.”  Both books can be purchased at along with more information and resources.

Currently I am preparing my body for a Citrus Flush, found in “The Ancient Raw Food Diet.”

Citrus Flush from "The Ancient Raw Food Diet"

Citrus Flush from “The Ancient Raw Food Diet”

I will begin every morning with the juice from one lemon, four oranges and a tea spoon of garlic juice. I will combine three teaspoons of “Grade B” Maple Syrup, 1-5 teaspoons of cayenne pepper (to taste) and 1-3 teaspoons of cinnamon (to taste) in a 1/2 gallon jug of spring water.  Everything I use is organic.

I will be doing this for 7 – 10 days but it can be done for up to 45 days.  The point of course is to rid the body of toxic waste and prepare the body so it can accept the raw nutrition you will feed it.

I will check in often with how this Flush and new healthy regiment is working for me.  I would encourage you all to visit Roger Bezanis at and purchase his books.  They have helped change my life for the positive as I feel like my body is beginning to heal from all the negative consumption of my past.

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