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Click the image to visit the DIA website

Click the image to visit the DIA website

This weekend I decided to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts.  With over 100 galleries covering nearly 700,000 square feet of beautifully designed architecture, I was completely in awe from the moment I entered through a well crafted entrance

I can not believe I have never been prior to this weekend especially since having worked previously across the street at the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center on the Wayne State University Campus.

The Detroit Institute of Arts has one of the largest collections in the United States and with Detroit’s recent bankruptcy its collections could be in danger of being sold.  I for one do not want to see one of the most significant art institutes in the entire U.S. be potentially broken up.

Traveling to Midtown Detroit, passing by abandoned, crumbling homes and streets hurt my heart.  Seeing poverty and desperation walking the streets I only could hope that our brothers and sisters realize holding on, pain ends.  Arriving at the Detroit Institute of Arts I felt relieved to make it through a tough commute, as if I needed to see the pain of the streets to be grateful of the hope within the walls of the D.I.A.

I took my time, walked through the brilliantly laid out galleries, carefully looked at the timeless collections.  I felt a real sense of peace and serenity, along with moments of clarity.  I was really inspired from all I saw.  I could feel similar energy from other visitors within each gallery, an overwhelming, mutual appreciation.

I could have easily stayed the entire day at the Detroit Institute of Arts and I plan on going more often.  Detroit has places to come to, rich in history and pride.  The D.I.A is one of those places that is rich in history, a place to be proud of.

With all the negative media coverage about the city of Detroit, it is a shame the masses don’t know about the best kept secret of Detroit.  I truly hope that Metro Detroiters will make the trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts to experience just what I have this weekend.

Please visit the Detroit Institute of Arts Official Website for museum service information, directions, hours and how you can help support!

Enter the D.I.A

Enter the D.I.A


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