Tania Tapia is So Crucial Training

Tania Tapia is without a doubt one of the hardest working models I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Being in the industry myself and being a Personal Trainer I can definitely appreciate the hard work and dedication that someone like Tania puts in.

Tania is one of the most loyal models and people I have come across.  She reps So Crucial and embodies the meaning behind the words.  Pound for pound Tania is one of the strongest around, period.

Here is the video from Tania’s latest training session and below that the transcript from the michaeldadourian.com interview.

MD: Thanks for joining me at michaeldadourian.com for this question and answer session, how are  you?
TT: Great… Thank You!
MD: Last time I checked you were standing tall at 5’7 and defined at 123 pounds! Where are we now with your training?
TT: I am now down to 121, and have a goal weight of 117-119. 
MD: Any other current training goals?
TT: My current training goals are preparing for upcoming photo shoots that I already have set up, and all new updates for my website that has been sitting in limbo for allot longer than I anticipated. This has been due to some very trying life changes, and a car accident that took me out of the gym for a long time with herniated disks in my back.
MD: I have seen your print work, very impressive.  Do you like being in front of the camera?
TT: I actually love being in front of the camera when I feel on my game with being in shape.
MD: What is Tania’s philosophy as it comes to eating? Do you have a plan, if so what is that like?
TT: I pretty much eat clean, high protein and frequently throughout the day! I have always eaten pretty healthy, I just needed the frequency, to cut out alcohol on the regular, and leave out the sugar. I save one day a week, which is usually Sundays for a cheat day to eat whatever I want that day.
MD: What are your top playlist tracks to train to, can you give me a Tania Top 5?
TT: I mix it up. This depends on my mood, but here are my 5 favs: Ashley Wallbridge- “The Inner Me”, Bendj- “Me and Myself” (Wolfgang Gartner), Trapt- “Enigma” Trapt- ” Repeat Offender” Hollywood Undead “My Town”.
MD: What is your favorite exercise to perform during any training session of yours?
TT: I love Training My Abs. Second is Glutes.
MD: You not only look aesthetically fit but you are very athletic. Did you play sports growing up or are you just that naturally athletic?
TT: I ran Cross Country Track in High School, and Played Soccer as well as Volleyball and a bit of Basketball.
MD: What is So Crucial to you these days?
TT: It’s So Crucial to me to always work on bettering myself, staying in shape, holding on to my inner happiness, continuing to be the person I am no matter what others think. It’s So Crucial for me to keep my head screwed on straight, and to inspire others in on way or another.
MD: What is your favorite So Crucial piece of clothing? 
TT: Well….. I like every piece of clothing I have, but I really Love… the Legging for working out, or even lounging. Super comfy and warm especially since it’s the cold time of the year!!
MD: What interests you besides fitness?
TT: I love Cooking, Reading, Writing, Animals, and I am a huge fan of art. I also Paint and Draw, but it’s been years since I have made time for it. 
MD: What is your favorite movie? 
TT: My all time Favorite Movie is “Ghost”
MD: What would you tell people that want to train but are having a tough time making a commitment to do so?
TT: Find someone in your area, that inspires you. See if they would be willing to show or give tips tricks, or even put in a bit of time to help get motivated. I have girls sometimes come up to me in the gym, and ask questions. I even offer to have them train with me to help them out. It feels great to help others in need when their struggling. Many aren’t so nice to offer a helping hand. Allot of people are self centered. I always try in some way to help others in need if I can. 
MD: Where can we find Tania and keep up with her at?
TT: Well…. You can find me on my website, which is getting updated, and revamped in December/January – taniatapia.com and Follow on
Instagram – taniastapia
MD: Thank you Tania for taking time out to answer some questions from michaeldadourian.com  
TT: Thank you for having me a part of your Clothing Line, and Blog. I really appreciate all your support!!! XOXO

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