Paul Walker Dead at 40

People die everyday in this world, that’s mortality for you.  Every once and awhile I hear of an actor passing on which at times can bring about certain memories.  I can’t recall however, a time in which news of an actor’s death that upset me, other than Heath Ledger; who was someone else I connected with.

Saturday afternoon an American Film Icon of my generation lost his life in an ironic car accident.  Paul Walker, of the largest grossing action film franchise (Fast & Furious) of all time who played Brian O’Connor died tragically, when the car he was a passenger in hit a tree and exploded into flames.

Paul was on his way back to his charity event when the car lost control only 500 meters away.

I have seen all the outpouring of thoughts and prayers from his fellow thespians including his “Fast & Furious” family.  This guy was truly loved by the world and considered one of the most down to Earth, laid back people around.

At first I connected with him as an actor and he was one of the reasons I wanted to continue my auditioning for acting roles.  He was not the biggest guy, similar build to mine so I could identify.  I have read some interviews as well as watched some.  I believe you can tell a lot from people from watching how they conduct themselves in interviews.  Paul Walker was very articulate, very sincere and open.

He recently reconnected with his daughter who is now 15 years old.  He has confessed for the first 13 years they did not have a relationship and that she lived with her mother in Hawaii.  I of course automatically begin thinking of my son of course and that he is nearly 3 (January 2nd) and I do not have a relationship right now with him either.

Paul Walker was a free spirit, adventurer, world traveler, adrenaline junkie, humanitarian and self confessed part-time actor. He owned his first home at 32 and basically lived out of bags for 16 years.  Their are so many parallels I can draw from all the information I have gathered from the late great Paul Walker.  He also kept his relationship status and people close to the chest and out of the limelight.  Also, for me I am working to not put a girlfriend and my business out there like I used to do over the years.

In life we see these actors and we look to see if we can relate or identify with their characters at all.  For me, as an aspiring actor when I was younger, I looked up to Paul Walker and as I have learned more about the person behind the characters I see even more.

The “Fast & Furious” film franchise was heavily founded in family, not blood related as much as connection related.  Next week Paul Walker was going to have critical scenes to shoot for the 7th installment in the franchise.  Without Paul Walker it is hard to make another Fast & Furious film, in my opinion at least and have it still resonate in the same way.

Of course in life, we lose family members, it’s never easy.  Selfishly we want them to always be, here, with us.  My “family” that know me well, know how much I love all the Fast & Furious films.  Here was a Blog entry I did on the franchise this year, you can read it here (Monday Movie Marathon: Fast & Furious).

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