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The Stephen Sersen Effect

More than two-thirds of United States Adults are overweight or obese.  Is obesity a disease?  Well, just like addiction is a mental disease I would have to agree that obesity from my experience working with people is very similar.  A disease of the mind can be extremely baffling and the stigma associated with it can […]

Branding: You’re It

You may have heard of “branding” before, or you may not have. Branding is a product or service offered meant to separate itself from its competitors. All the major stores have their own brand and ways to market themselves to go one up on their competitors. People are walking brands, especially today in the world […]

The Billionaire Jordan Rules

Today I read that Michael Jordan just achieved billionaire status.  My initial thoughts are, it’s about time!  I of course, mean that in no way shape or form disrespectfully to his “Air’ness.”  I think it’s great that this once upon a time, super-athlete went from humble upbringings to having his own empire in Nike Air. […]

The World Cup Symbolizes Unity

Coined “The Beautiful Game,” soccer or football known to most people of the world is one of the only sports left that has been relatively untouched through the years.  Did you know that soccer is the most popular sport on Earth? Notice, I did not tell you that it was the most popular in the […]

How You Know They Love You

Before I get into this Blog entry, I thought it would be best to present the definition of the word “love.”           I was torn, not sure if I wanted to post the definition to this word.  It’s not that I believe that the definition is wrong.  I merely think that […]

DJ Joey A: Part I

My interview series rolls on and continuing to keep it in the So Crucial family, I talked to “The Big Homie,” DJ Joey A.  For those not familiar with the music scene in Detroit, DJ Joey A is literally everywhere and he has been a music authority for years as a DJ, musician, producer.  He was […]

Consistency vs. Intensity

I covered this topic previously in a YouTube video, in regards to training.  I have talked naturally to hundreds of people in a wide variety of health and fitness topics.  Being a Personal Trainer, I am trained to assess people’s fitness level.  Of course what we think looks like a fit person on the outside aesthetically, is […]

1 Year of Continued Sobriety

  It is estimated that my last drug was near February 4th of 2013, at least that was when I was admitted to a hospital having attempted to cancel my life twice in the same day.  Looking back at that brief time before my long hospital stay I did not know what was real and […]