Consistency vs. Intensity

I covered this topic previously in a YouTube video, in regards to training.  I have talked naturally to hundreds of people in a wide variety of health and fitness topics.  Being a Personal Trainer, I am trained to assess people’s fitness level.  Of course what we think looks like a fit person on the outside aesthetically, is really often not the case under the hood so to speak.

I have many friends and family frustrated with their current training or lack thereof.  Now what I am about to express will hopefully be the last time I have to address it in hopes that I can one click share this with others instead of repeating myself.  After all, time is the most valuable thing we have and as you might imagine, I get asked a lot of health and fitness related questions.

So what do I mean by Consistency vs. Intensity?

This is something very important to be aware of when beginning or returning after a period of time to a training regiment.  This concept of consistency vs. intensity is a foundation builder or destroyer depending how it is treated.

Many people return or begin a training regiment and train much to hard the first day to first week back.  Some people are naturally competitive and they do not know how to do anything in but full speed ahead!  What’s the problem with that you ask?

Well the problem is seen 24 to 48 hours after that first training session.  If the person is training themselves, which most are trying anyway, they most likely over trained!  You will know that because the body is screaming with signals that represent soreness and pain.

What happens after the person worked out so hard for the first day or week back is that they tend to become discouraged from all the discomfort from the way they decided to train.  Here is what I see, I see people train for a week or two and then stop training entirely or they just train sporadically from then on.

How do people stick to a training regiment?  My clients perform brilliantly when they are with me and even when they are without me after time.  They begin to learn the foundation of consistency.  In the beginning of any client’s training, no matter what level they think they are at, they learn the importance of walking before they run and no I don’t mean literally walking or running.  They learn how to take small steps no matter how eager they are to dive right into what they think they can do.  That’s why my clients have a 99% success rate.  Ah 99% you ask?  Well, yes, I choose who I work with… I choose the winners and by winners I mean people willing to do everything I ask and remain teachable.

What if I am not your trainer, what can you do?  Well, with my upcoming YouTube web series, anyone can get this message along with others.

If you see where this is going, you know that intensity should not be the first thing on your mind as you are warming up to train.  I encourage people to develop consistency as they begin their training regiment.  The idea here is to get used to walking in the doors of a training facility or outside area first.  Maybe you train for 10 minutes- 20 minutes for the first week.  It really is going to be a case by case basis.  Everyone is different, everyone can’t hold to the same rules.

The idea of consistency is just forming the habit of training everyday even if it is for a few minutes.  When your body is trained to get into the facility on the days you have set for yourself, then and only then can intensity be discussed; as of then you have programmed yourself to make training time a priority.


* Consistency beats intensity when it comes to long term fitness and health.  

* Don’t rush the fictional, agenda pushed “quick fix”

* Consider your source(s) when beginning a training regiment

* Program trends are not for everyone and can be extremely dangerous.

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