DJ Joey A: Part I

My interview series rolls on and continuing to keep it in the So Crucial family, I talked to “The Big Homie,” DJ Joey A

For those not familiar with the music scene in Detroit, DJ Joey A is literally everywhere and he has been a music authority for years as a DJ, musician, producer.  He was a prominent DJ on Channel 9-5-5’s Bombsquad and has been a resident DJ at some of the hottest night clubs in and around Detroit, MI.  His following is loyal, many traveling from further away. They do not come for the night club itself necessarily but to be around him spinning music live.

At the height of our weekly event together, me the Host/Promoter and him as the DJ, the dance floor was a sea of people each week.

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I talked to Joey, a lot about the past, present and future in our interview so I could not just post it all in 1 part, it took 2 in order to fit all the content in.  Check out below, DJ Joey A: Part 1

DJ Joey A Interview Transcript for

MD: I have known you a long time, ever since our first event together which turned into arguably the number one weekday party in Metro Detroit.  What does it take to build a great party in your opinion?

DJ Joey A: It takes a team to promote a good party or weekly event. I don’t think 1 man or 1 DJ can pack a place up, but a group of individuals who’s got a good network of people is a good start. Great drink prices, a friendly efficient staff and good tunes also plays a big part.


MD: You were once an integral part of Detroit’s Channel 9 5 5 Bombsquad, how did you get that opportunity with them?

DJ Joey A: I’ve known most of the squad members for years just being in the industry. An opportunity came up one day , my friend Ryan Richards (who now works for Amp 987) asked me to go to one of the bombsquad meetings. I started doing guest sets and eventually landed a position as a squad member.


MD: What did you learn from your time with Channel 9 5 5’s Bombsquad and do you have any plans to get back on the radio as a DJ?

DJ Joey A: I learned more about music programming and how to sandwich records that would work on air and at the clubs. If asked again, I would do get back on air for a mix show, but its not something that I would go out of my way to pursue.

DJ Joey A's Mix Session Vol 10 (Click album cover to Play & Download)

DJ Joey A’s Mix Session Vol 10 (Click album cover to Play & Download)

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MD: I want to take it back to the very beginning, what made you fall in love with music, was there an album you listened to or what was it in particular?

DJ Joey A: Music was always a part of my family. I learned to play the piano at an early age, I hated taking lessons back then, but as I look back now I’m glad I learned how to play. It makes it easy for me to re-create a melody or come up with my own in the studio because of my piano lessons.

As far as albums or artist who influenced me? Man, theres just too many to name. On the top of my head, I enjoyed listening to LL Cool J, Run DMC, Ice T, NWA, Ice Cube, Stevie B, Jay Z, Sublime, George Michael, Prince, and Michael Jackson.


MD: I know you got a passion for producing but you are a talented lyricist and DJ.  Do you have to practice your craft each on a consistent basis or does it just come naturally to you?

DJ Joey A: When I’m writing lyrics, I tend to recite words and sentences over and over; then I either write them down or type it on my computer so I don’t forget. I practice deejaying twice a week outside of my club gigs specially if there’s a routine or a set I want to add to my arsenal.

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DJ Joey A: Part II (Coming Soon)

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