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As we march into Spring, “the face of So Crucial” marches with it; model Kristy Ann is March.  She has been gracing covers and earned incredible features.  Her hustle, loyalty, and friendship is unrivaled.  She is doing all this while balancing being a full time mom.  

To earn more respect points, rocking that Superwoman “S” on the chest, she will be lending her talent to a fit mom’s ad campaign, for the highly popular sports supplement company, Muscle Milk.  She will be shooting that in May, no doubt continuing to train.  Those ads will be running in both Shape & Oxygen magazine.

Of course Kristy will remain the face of my brand for her the above mentioned qualities and best representing So Crucial (What is So Crucial?)!

Kristy also has author access to so don’t be surprised if you see her take over some more.

Without further ado, here is Model Kristy Ann‘s interview with me for

MD: The more I get to know you the more I can see why we get along so well, very work oriented, very hustle minded.  Tell me how literally you made March, Model Kristy Ann month?  You were everywhere this month.

KA: I guess I just really marketed myself well, I’ve been constantly promoting , networking and hustling 🙂 
MD:  Yes you have! You are one of the top tier people in our industry that strikes the right balance between doing the kinda shoots that your audience wants to see but also doing the shoots that are perhaps more artistic in concept as well.  Do you purposely mix up the glamour, fashion, fitness shoots to deliberately show your versatility or does it just work out that way? 
KA: Honestly I think it’s a combination of both, I love to mix things up and show my versatility so I often suggest things out of my norm of glamour but also it just seems to happen on it’s own. Often the idea I start off with transforms into something completely different by the end 🙂 
MD:  We talked last time about you possibly wanting to do more in fitness modeling and I know you have been training more.  Is it becoming more of a focus for you or what are you focusing on mostly this April and into next season?
KA: I love working out. I’m in good shape but definitely would have a long ways to go to be a fitness model, that is a goal way down the road 🙂 I know the dedication and time that takes. I’m focusing on just staying fit, healthy and getting more definition 🙂 
MD: Who was one of the first models you saw and made you think this is something you would want to do too?
KA: Debra A. she’s been an inspiration to me for years and she just recently started doing fitness competitions so she continues to inspire me!
MD: Since March is officially Model Kristy Ann month, what will you have accomplished a year from now in your mind?  
KA: A year from now I will have even more covers and national ads , I’ll be In the best shape of my life and most importantly have a happy healthy family 🙂 
MD: What publications are you in, how can we get a hold of them and what more will we learn about Kristy Ann from them?
This month I have an awesome feature in the Spring 2014 Bizsu Magazine that is available at Barnes & Noble now or online here. I have the cover and feature in March’s Model of Heaven Magazine. (Pictured Below)
Model Kristy Ann in Model of Heaven Magazine (March)

Model Kristy Ann in Model of Heaven Magazine (March)

* I’m also Miss march in Modelzview Magazine, you can purchase your print copy here and digital copies here.  
* I have a ten page feature in Femmexposure Magazine‘s March issue – print and digital available here. 
* I also have a feature in Stack Models Inc Magazine – can be purchased here.
* Cred Xtra March Star Issue Available here.
I’m on the cover of the upcoming issue of Eighty Six Blvd due to be released mid April 
image (1)
MD: What is on deck for you, anything upcoming you are getting excited about?
KA: Yes! I’m very excited to announce that I’m part of the new ad campaign for Muscle Milk , the new campaign is about fit moms and the ads will be in both Shape and Oxygen magazines.  I’ll be shooting for that the beginning of May 🙂
MD: Thanks for coming back to, any parting thoughts until the next episode with Kristy Ann?
KA: Thank you to all of my faithful fans that keep me motivated and inspired! 🙂

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