She’s My #1 A-List Celebrity Crush

I have been made aware over the years, people’s so called “lists” whether it’s magazines articles, television shows, or merely friends arguing who the most beautiful women on the planet are.  I personally do not hold much value in a list because their is so much more than what goes into making a human beautiful.

Looks initially draw people in, sure; it’s human nature, one could even say animal instinct.  Females could equate a male’s abdominal region with breeding as a male would find those hips are perfect to want to breed.

To me, physical beauty is what draws me initially to someone but it is their personality that intrigues.  Can they keep my attention, or are they too guarded to open up?  Are they intelligent and appealing or are they ignorant and ugly?  I will have more on this in another future Blog regarding the total package, feel free to Subscribe to my Blog if you have not yet, Just enter your email below –


Well, who has not seen a television show or film and not crushed on an actor/actress?  Since I do not know these women (below) besides their work and interviews I really can’t base my list on an overall assessment.  My list including my #1 are mostly based off the superficial, since I am not privy to anything more than what I have seen physically or come to know through general info.

Here goes my A-List Celebrity Crush List without further ado –

3. Eva Mendes

2. Sophia Vergara

Before I get to my #1 A-List Celebrity Crush, I think it is only fitting I include Akon’s “Beautiful” featuring Colby O’Donis, Kardinal Offishall

I have been crushing on Italian fashion model, turn actress Monica Belucci ever since I first saw her small role in “The Matrix Reloaded.”  She is without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and her accent, game over.  Since friends and family think I am so picky I thought I would let them know who the real deal is… Earth’s hottest, made in Italy

1. Monica Belucci


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