How You Know They Love You

Before I get into this Blog entry, I thought it would be best to present the definition of the word “love.”

Definition will vary depending on the person interpreting the meaning.

Definition will vary depending on the person interpreting the meaning.






I was torn, not sure if I wanted to post the definition to this word.  It’s not that I believe that the definition is wrong.  I merely think that publishing the current working definition could influence anything else I express in this Blog entry for

The word “love” like so many strong words have lost their significance through misuse and spoken frequency.  How many times have you heard someone tell you those magic words, “I love you?”  What’s wrong with that?

Everything is wrong with that if the words are spoken but the actions of the person doesn’t compliment the spoken intention.  If someone says they “love you,” it can make a fragile heart beat, just a beat harder, for a moment.  The ego is something that needs to be fed by attention, the ego wants more and more of it.  People can find themselves fishing for that first “I love you.”

Fishing for the words can leave people dissatisfied because once they are heard they make us feel better for some moments but they were not organic to begin with.  An “I love you,” that is forced can never be organic, so we keep seeking it until love is a foundation.  A rose is beautiful but much respect should be given from the time of its inception.  The rose has a foundation, that’s underground, that is not seen but we should know it’s there.

If I hear the words, “I love you,” coming from a girlfriend, my heart beats hard.  The “I love you,” is that stem from the ground all the way up to those blossoming rose petals.  What happens when that rose eventually dies?  What happens when that “I love you,” becomes tired?  Do you need a new rose cut or do you know that the seeds were always planted.  What can you see if the rose pedals are not in blossom?  What can you hear when those words, “I love you,” are not echoing in your ears?

How you know they love you?  How do you know?

The definition above aside, there are ways to know that someone loves you.  Now, you do not have to be blinded by insecurity and superficial “I love yous,” anymore.  What I am about to do is turn the definition of “love,” into an action word.  After all, “love” is just a word, without meaning, until a human personifies the word itself.

Love is 100% action, it can be shown through the action of physical and mental stimulation.

I have come to the conclusion that compromise and sacrifice are the two best qualities that exemplify two people that love each other.  How much are both people sacrificing and compromising for the good of the relationship?

If both people are not doing that, then I do not believe it is true love, the feeling is not mutual at least. Having mentioned that, if you have that in your relationship now, you are already ahead of the rest and just remember a relationship is 50/50.  One person should not be doing all the sacrificing and compromising.

Communication and boundaries are also love in action.  I find that the longest relationships, or the most successful relationships are the ones that love each other through talking, listening and setting healthy boundaries within the relationship.  Some people live together, to be able to co-exist, or co-live I should say, both should be best friends in a way.  Leaving things inside without talking about them can destroy relationships and so I consider that not an acting quality of love.

Kissing, cuddling and fucking sex are necessary actions to exemplify the word. “love,” as it pertains to a relationship.  When you are done wanting your partner physically, when you are done lusting each other, you are definitely lessening the aspects of that “love,” Two people that love each other should touch and touch a lot.  The words “I love you,” come easily when you are both coming together.

These above actions make “love,” come alive.  These actions make you understand that you are loved, truly loved.

If you do not feel loved, feel free to look in the mirror and see your reflection.  Your reflection is you and your reflection needs the most love before it can share it with another.

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