Branding: You’re It

You may have heard of “branding” before, or you may not have. Branding is a product or service offered meant to separate itself from its competitors. All the major stores have their own brand and ways to market themselves to go one up on their competitors.

People are walking brands, especially today in the world of social media. Social media if used correctly can quite frankly put your brand out to the world with a push of a button. I could not have imagined this world we live in during the early 1990’s.

If you are doing business for yourself my best advice is read up on incredible entrepreneurs, Michael Jordan comes to mind. Michael Jordan is one of the best examples of walking brands living. Everyone buys his “Air Jordans.” In everyone, I mean his branded line is worn by people circling the globe.

Michael Jordan has also managed to stay out of the tabloids most of his life. Basic knowledge of him is that he is widely considered to be the best basketball player to ever play. Every athlete that has endorsement deals should definitely go shake the hand of Michael Jordan as he has paved the way for athletes to make money off the field, court, etc.

Back to him not being in the tabloids… the reason he is not is because he is extremely intelligent. Michael Jordan knows that people all over the World buy his brand and if he were to offend anyone and everyone he would not have much of a business. Well, he could have still done exceptionally well but I doubt he would have reached billionaire status as he is now, newly.

This is like my Michael Jordan blog entry I did not too long ago, yes it is true. I would just add that this is an extension of that blog entry.

As for my brand, I could have done certain things differently from inception to now but I also did not have anyone to teach me or mentor me in business. A lot of my reach came from my modeling agency while I was living in Arizona. I learned a lot in terms of promoting, marketing, branding and better networking.

I am happy that I did not take my So Crucial MD brand and tank it. Everything I do now, my actions today will help shape tomorrow. I will have to live up to the brand I set down. Everyday is a new chance to learn and grow so that I may adapt to my environment. One thing is for sure, the Earth will continue to spin no matter what happens in my life.

I will continue to reach for new heights and as I continue to live sober I give my brand the chance at new life. Check out my last post on Google Plus.

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