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More than two-thirds of United States Adults are overweight or obese.  Is obesity a disease?  Well, just like addiction is a mental disease I would have to agree that obesity from my experience working with people is very similar.  A disease of the mind can be extremely baffling and the stigma associated with it can be quickly swept under the proverbial rug.  Is it getting better?

I happen to think that diagnosis is a great way to become self-aware.  It does not stop there however.  One must become willing to make a change.  A change that is uncomfortable is not easy and what is not easy is not always approached.  I dare express the fact that success is on the other side of what is uncomfortable.

For people to continue to do the same very things and expect different results is typically considered “insane.”  If the goal is to lose weight or lose circumference then what actions have put people there has to be unlearned and reprogrammed.  Eating and exercise are equal parts to the equation of new success.  One does not outweigh the other, both are 50/50 of equal importance.

Yelling does not do the trick!  One of the biggest misconceptions of Personal Trainers is that we all scream and yell.  Reality television shows do not help lift this stereotype.  Poor, out of touch Personal Trainer treat every client the same as if their is a uniform of personality.  Well, awareness comes into play when you notice that their are more than just one personality type.  How you can speak to one person is not the same as how you can speak to another person.  When it comes to motivating and inspiring this becomes especially true.

What good is it for me to completely destroy a client? So I know my subject area, that does not mean I should throw everything at a client including the kitchen sink!  Pushing a client to their breaking limit does not mean that I am a good trainer, in fact it means the opposite.  I talk to colleagues all the time and I tell them all the time that the point is for the client to finish a session with me and feel like they are ready to have a wonderful day.  Why would I want my client to be dead tired and feel broken when they are finished with me?

Empowerment, confidence, functionality and ideal body aesthetics are all things that I have in mind when training my clients.  I have been lucky enough since 2005 to work with some amazing people.  My clients are all uniquely different but they all share the same character.  They all do what they say they are going to do and they all are dedicated, disciplined and quite determined to reaching their goals.

I have been training someone for a little while now who I have become extremely inspired by.  I recently had the chance to chat with him and ask him a few questions about his training for

I knew Stephen Sersen for a few years now and when he came to me about Personal Training I did what I normally do and that is gauge his level of commitment like I would any potential client.  I look for past exercise history, current exercise history and medical history in case of any red flags that may arise for a person to need further medical clearance to partake in a exercise regiment with me.

He had already established a wonderful current diet through an already established system.  I was happy about that because it showed he was already taking accountability for 50% of his success.  All I needed to know was if he would be teachable and accountable for the training program I would put into place.

To express that I am happy with his progress from then until now would be a big understatement.  I am thrilled and inspired to have been a small part of his overall transformation.  The real fun part, he still has GOALS.  Below is a before and after image of Stephen Sersen along with the transcript of our interview for

June 25, 2014: 264.4lbs October 1, 2014: 227.7

June 25, 2014: 264.4lbs
October 1, 2014: 227.7

MD: What made you decide to change your lifestyle in order to incorporate fitness?

SS: I woke up one morning at the end of June of 2014, and looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. My lower back was hurting the last few months and I knew it was from the the weight I was carrying. I can actually thank my wife, cause she suggested that I take our older daughter to join Weight Watchers.

Grudgingly, I took my daughter to Weight Watchers. Once I got there, I said what the hell, why not weigh myself. To my surprise, I weighed in at 264.4 pounds. Needless to say, I was very ashamed , I let myself get to that weight. I knew then that I had to make a plan. Learning how to eat, as a 50 year old man was very challenging. I also knew I had to have a fitness plan as well. Treadmill, work was getting boring everyday, so I met a outstanding young man that was a trainer to work with me twice a week. With that ,the change in my diet, and my fitness program with this great trainer, today I am 41.7 pounds lighter., furthermore my back does not hurt, and I like what I see in the mirror. Thanks, MD!.

MD: Did you always think Personal Training was the logical next progression for you? Did you have any apprehensions or misconceptions about Personal Training prior or throughout your training?
SS: I have always thought of getting a personal trainer but never did until now. I always thought I could do it my way, eat whatever I wanted, and I would be ok. I used to have this crazy thinking, since I ran 2 miles, that enables me to eat a whole pizza. I actually thought I wouldn’t gain any weight cause I worked out. Well that didn’t work, I finally realize at age 49, that diet and exercise is key to the fitness itself.
MD: Tell my readers where you started and where you are at now.  I mean, your pictures, do they do the numbers justice? Now, where are we going with you?
SS: I started this diet and fitness training to get to my goal of 182.7. When I first started I was at 264.4. Currently I’m at 222.7. I’m halfway there. Without out the diet and fitness training working together, I believe I will get there. Gonna be hard, but gonna keep pushing on.
MD: Any advice you can give anyone that is on the fence about Personal Training?
SS:  I strongly encourage anyone seeking to lose weight and how to learn to eat healthy to seek a fitness trainer to help with both. It is important you find a trainer that  best fit for her or him. It’s amazing how my trainer, knows exactly how far and hard to work me. The advice he gives me is crucial for me getting to my goal. You must have  complete confidence in them in every aspect, fitness and nutrition. Listening is the most important thing someone can do to succeed in their goals.
MD: Now of course everything can’t be sunshine and rainbows, life at times hits hard; what has been the most difficult obstacles(s) to overcome so far? 
SS: Now this whole process has not been easy. Changing the way I eat, was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. For 49 years I ate fast food, desserts,and on and on. Times I do find myself eating a whole pizza, and when I’m done, I ask myself, WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?.
I should know better. I shake it off and get back on that horse. Keep trying and never quit reaching my goal. When I go out, I try to order greens instead of the pizza, and cheeseburgers of the world. Cheeseburgers were my life. They also got me to 264.4. I can thank, carrots,onions, weight-watchers, and most of all MD to getting me to 222.7, and falling . I’m ready to listen,listen, listen, and work hard!.
How to lose weight and keep it off you ask? One step at a time.

How to lose weight and keep it off you ask? One step at a time.













Every client is uniquely different and what I do with my clients vary from session to session.  I train people in a very unorthodox way but it works if the clients are willing.  Stephen will continue to achieve success and I will be able to have the best seat in the house to be inspired by it.

Feel free to watch and read more testimonials below.  If this is a Blog entry that you believe someone can benefit from, feel free to pass it along via email or share to your social network(s).  Personal Training & Small Group Personal Training (2-3 people) is very limited but booking a consultation is possible in person or via Skype or Google Hangouts

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“I have been in this industry since 1999 and I can confidently say Michael Dadourian is an one of a  kind of Fitness Professional. His background in athletics as a certified trainer and Athlete separates him from the rest of the hundreds of trainers in this field. His knowledge of nutrition goes beyond what’s in the magazines.  He lives this lifestyle of clean eating and raw food diet.

Michael Dadourian cares about his clients.  So much so that he woukd refer potential new clients to someone else if he felt he was not the right trainer for them.  That speaks volumes in this industry.

If you are looking for a trainer who can train you anywhere, whether in person or consult you online, Michael Dadourian is your trainer.” – Shellane Demarest, Fitness Professional

Michael Dadourian is by far the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. I have worked with numerous trainers, been a gym rat, a devout yogi and a runner, but none of those give me results like training with Michael. He has always tailored my workouts for my likes, dislikes and how far to push me on some days. But most importantly he has always listened to me as far as the results I expect, which most trainers even listen to, and always given me those results.

Despite training with him for many years now, he has always maintained a professional relationship with me, yet during the periods I was unable to train with him he always let me know he was there to answer any training or nutrition questions. With Michael you don’t just get a personal trainer, you get the whole package of a trainer, nutritionist and support team. I have done extensive research, including clinical, on nutrition and diet and Michael is the only trainer I have ever worked with who knows what he is talking about as far as nutrition and taking care of your body. Michael expects you to work hard and he holds his clients to high standards because he wants you to get the results you expect and not just take your money. Work out with Michael and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.” – Mira Jaafar, Personal Training Client

“Mike has been a great inspiration for me and my weight loss journey. He is very educated in regards to nutrition and fitness and checked in on me consistently to ensure I was comfortable with my diet and exercise routine. Always made me accountable for what I  was and was not doing. I highly recommend Mike to anyone serious about changing their lifestyle and/or staying on a healthy path.” – Jessica Granucci, Online Personal Training Client


It should be noted that my Online Personal Training although a viable and effective service, it is designed with the self-disciplined person in mind. The process of Online Personal Training has changed since this video so please ask about those changes.

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