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I have yet to allow artificial intelligence to completely take control over my life.  The more reliant I see my brothers and sisters are on technology, the further away I stray.  I may as well be like the New World Order Amish, in that, unless it’s for work, unplug the cords from my body.

I remember watching The Matrix (1999) for the first time and how I could not fathom the ideas straight away that I took from the film.  Now thinking back, the Wachowski brothers wrote an amazing screenplay that was way ahead of its time.

As I continue to clear the clouds in recovery I feel I have only been alive for two years.  I have truly been plugged in prior to that, fed intravenously the deceased (The Matrix analogy)  the toxic poison that was alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

My brain is healing one day at a time but is still far from functioning as it once did during my university career.

My natural intelligence will continue to improve as I unplug and further myself from social media, news entertainment outlets, and any other seemingly fictitious internet platform.

Below is the list of upcoming blog entries to be published for

April 1st

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