Antoinette Marie is So Crucial

What is So Crucial?

As inspired by Michael Dadourian, So Crucial is the embodiment of all words that depict what is hot, what is cool, what is awesome, what is dope, what is sick, what is NOW.

So Crucial is HOT to the tenth power.
So Crucial is the phrase to say, the words to be heard.
So Crucial is out of the box.
So Crucial is a feeling, a person, a thing, an event, a lifestyle.
So Crucial… you either get it, or you don’t. You either got it, or you don’t.
What is So Crucial to YOU?? Do you know?

You can’t be told what So Crucial is to you or what is So Crucial to you. Michael Dadourian would say, “So Crucial is everything in your life that makes you smile and feel naturally high.”

Antoinette Marie is So Crucial

My So Crucial MD branded has been visually around for nearly 10 years and I have a lot of early people to thank for the early interpretations of the look itself.  I have been fortunate and lucky enough to have friends and colleagues in the modeling industry take to my brand as the meaning behind the logo resonates I think with so many genuine people.  Antoinette is one of the true originals of #SoCrucialMD and she set the bar high when she took the clothes and complimented them with her beautiful, hour glass, figure and her style.

In life, we come across people that sure, they look beautiful outwardly but often times they fall short inwardly.  What so many people are programmed to do in life is judge quickly on the perceived album cover or lead single; without giving the entire track list a chance to resonate.  We as humans are so intricate and some of us take years to decipher.  Even when we think we know, we really have no idea the inner workings of the person walking in their respective shoes, or heels.

Antoinette Marie is a ride or die friend to those people lucky enough to know her best.  Her family is not only related by blood but by connection.  She is perfectly, imperfect and would be the first to admit it.  A. Marie will always mean so much by what she has done for me as a friend and what she has meant for my So Crucial MD brand.  Below are some of her first So Crucial MD images, along with an interview, new imagery (candid and professional), and more.


Antoinette Marie for So Crucial by Xpressions by Michelle (2008)



Antoinette for So Crucial by Xpressions by Michelle

Antoinette Marie Interview for Transcript:

MD: Thanks for joining me on Antoinette.  For those that may not know, we have known each other for years! You have been one of my biggest supporters and true friends of mine and So Crucial MD branded.  Take me through your process when it comes to associating yourself with a brand or brands, do you look for anything in particular?
AM: I look to do some research and familiarize myself with the brand and make sure it’s something that is true to me and my beliefs and or thoughts.
MD: How did you get your start in modeling?
AM: My friend and roommate started modeling and was like you should try it’s fun. She set up my first shoot and it was on
MD: You have incredible presence when you are in front of a camera and your images always set the bar higher.  What has been your key to making each photo shoot new and fresh?
AM: Keep an open mind and to push my self further and explore my inner self.
MD: Do you have a favorite genre in modeling and is there any genre you still have an interest in exploring?
AM: Glamour and boudoir are probably my favorite type cause I mean what girl doesn’t want to get dolled up and feel sexy. But I love all types of it. I love all the creativity it brings out.
MD: You have sky dived tell me about you became interested in that and how many time have you jumped out of a plane? What else interests you in the adventure realm?
AM: I actually only have 6 jumps. I worked at a dropzone for 7 years and since continue to be actively supportive of it. Since I started  I fell in love with the environment and people. I’m so blessed to call them family.
MD: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
AM: Oh good question um probably that im shy and clumsy. Haha
MD: For any young ladies out there that are trying to model, can you give them any advice as they continue their process?
AM: I would say follow your goals and dreams don’t listen to negative people. Also be careful and do your research it can be a shady heartbreaking business.
MD: I know that you are very busy and do not have a tremendous amount of availability, how should interested companies or photographers contact you for potential work?
Just about any way.
Kik: Antoinettemarie816
Twitter: @so_cal_barbie
Instagram: @so_cal_barbie

and ModelMayhem

Antoinette Marie has limited availability is 2015 as she is currently booking assignments and projects in 2016.

New Antoinette Marie Imagery (Click for Full Size)

New Antoinette So Crucial Imagery (Click for Full Size)

Antoinette is Candidly So Crucial (Click for Full Size)

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So Crucial by Brilliance (So Crucial Model Antoinette Marie Featured in Lyrics)

Antoinette Marie,

Not sure there is anyone quite like you. Your youthful beauty, brains, and ever so thoughtfulness has meant so much to me. You saw my brand back when not many did all those years ago.  You have shared my website, you have shared my brand, you have been fam to me.  When so many have come and gone in my life, you have been the one constant that has proven the test of time. You have never left me, my brand, my vision.  It has been a great, near 10 year connection.


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