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Blogging is an absolute art to me.  Before studying exercise science, I earned my degree in language, literature and writing from Eastern Michigan University.  Before I had thoughts that I could train people for a living, I had thoughts of educating people at a university level.  I wanted to be a professor at a university.  Of course plans changed (although I did dabble in academic teaching) and those plans took me to exercise education.

I still was teaching but my classroom changed to a fitness training facility.  Now fast forward 10 years later, I am living the straight-edge-lifestyle and blogging about all things language, literature & writing, mixed with health & fitness.

I have always considered myself an artist, just as a musical artist pens their lyrics to music, I myself pen without the music.  I am desperately striving to keep the written word alive in this ever so fast-food-society, in which people want to listen, to see quickly as opposed to read, imagine and ask questions.

I would encourage my regular readers, to share any of my published blog entries they wish, with their social media networks and/or individual friends and family.

For fellow bloggers out there, my advice to you is to befriend other bloggers out there.  It’s not always about us, I find my most loyal readers have come by the fact that I genuinely care about what they also have to say in their lives, via their blog. Also, try not to feel discouraged if you are not getting many visual shares or comments as you would like.

Trust me when I express to you, people are reading, there are still readers in the world; sometimes people just do not want to acknowledge that they read your entries.  There are website tools to allow you to see how much traffic you are getting. Even though people may not be sharing, commenting, or otherwise engaging, they are certainly on your site, still reading.

What about comments on blogs, what kind of set up should bloggers being using?  Nothing is worse than a blog that requires a person to sign in, in order to comment.  I do not believe it is fair for a reader to spend his or her valuable time to read a lengthy blog, get down to the bottom and in order for them to comment they have to sign into some 3rd part application.  You know who you are bloggers, not crucial. The only thing that may rival the annoyance of that are ads.

I myself do not want to have to see pop up ads on every blog I am trying to read.  I am proud to acknowledge the fact that has never incorporated ads into the site.  Have I possibly lost a lot of money in the past because of not monetizing by site, perhaps, however I do not care the slightest.  I do not want to associate my brand with any other brand at this time.  If it is not So Crucial, The DKMD Show, or Sonik Armada, then it’s not me or my fam.

I write, I blog for me, for my brand.  Writing and blogging gives me a great release and is my form of expression.  In turn if I can also spark thought and/or conversation, then that’s the bonus.  If I can inspire others, that’s even more of a bonus.

I have not included any pictures in this entry but since we are much more visual of a people these days, embedding imagery helps to attract readers and work to liven up each entry.  I am also beginning to shorten my blog entries a considerable amount from how long they used to be from years past.

Not everyone has the time, will make the time to read everything you have to share. Shorter blogs, that are focused, help keep readers for longer.  I also suggest breaking up paragraphs logically, so to transition thoughts more fluently.  Larger blocks of words that make up sentences that are overwhelming for a reader to try and decipher is not a good look in my opinion.

Knowing my audience has always been key to knowing who to share certain blog entries with.  Since my blog encompasses many different subjects, I try and make sure people get my entries quickly, according to their interests, etc.

I will continue to keep blogging for myself and others.  Feel free to email me any blog ideas for topics this May. Also take a look at some older archived blog. Comment, like, and share if you have the time and interest to do so.


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