So Crucial Events: Back To The Future

I may be best known in Metro Detroit for starting a small little event with DJ Joey A, to celebrate the launch of my #SoCrucialMD branded line at The Post Bar, Novi.  The very first WYLD Wednesday launch, occurred on May 2nd, 2007.  The Post Bar, Novi location was approximately 15,000 square feet and included a very large greenhouse and two bars inside.  Wednesday nights at The Post Bar, Novi prior to our May 2nd launch, were accustomed to only a handful of regulars that occupied the bar itself.

When DJ Joey A and myself launched on May 2nd, we may have had only 50 people at the most. In a small bar that could look full, in a bar/nightclub as large as The Post Bar, it still looked like a ghost town.  Below is the first WYLD Wednesday flier along with a few promotional images of that very first night.  Don’t forget to press play on DJ Joey A’s throw back mix below as we go back to the future.

Go here for more information on how to Book an Event Hosted by MD and PRESS PLAY on DJ Joey A’s Throwback Mix below.

THROWBACK MIX by DJ JOEY A by Djjoeya on Mixcloud

By now you probably have some musical memories, courtesy of DJ Joey A, which I would highly encourage you to connect with online at, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Why the name WYLD Wednesday you ask?

DJ Joey A suggested we use WYLD Wednesday’s as the name of our So Crucial/Sonik Armada event because at the time DJ Joey A was working with Radio Personality, Paris, late night (name of their show) on Channel 9-5-5.  That made the most logical sense at that time.

There was not a lot of people in the very beginning of our WYLD Wednesdays at The Post Bar, Novi but the managers at the time were very pleased because they were making a lot more money than they did with just a few regulars sitting at the bar prior to our Wednesday.

As a Host it became my job to act as the face of the night club and night.  I made sure that everyone felt welcome and I promoted all specials.  The music was already taken care of by a DJ widely considered to be one of the best in the entire State of Michigan.

It took about 1 year and we were able to fill up all 15,000 square feet of The Post Bar, Novi.  Our 1 year anniversary was amazing and had a lot of special guests from Metro Detroit in music to help celebrate So Crucial and Sonik Armada’s WYLD Wednesday event.

I left a little more than a year after hosting WYLD Wednesdays at The Post Bar, Novi.  Looking back now, it was a honor to think about the Metro Detroit radio legend, Jevon Hollywood to take over WYLD Wednesdays with DJ Joey A.  I was able to come back after some years away, to make peace with him and I am thankful I did.  He was a class act. Rest in peace JH. 

Brilliance performed at WYLD Wednesday’s 1 Year Anniversary.

Other Night Club Events (Click for Larger Image)


I am willing always willing to listen to potential opportunities.  I have years of experience in promotions and event hosting, all the way back to my modeling agency work.  If you look at me as an expense and not an asset, than look elsewhere.  Anyone can stand there and host an event.  If you want a programmed night from me, let’s discuss your establishment’s needs; from there I can determine if I would be the best fit.


I will absolutely not host an event, unless there is one non-alcoholic beverage promoted on all promotional materials for the night being programmed.

I will not, I repeat, I will not host any party unless a non-alcoholic drink special is advertised alongside the regular drink specials. No exceptions.  What is the benefit of that you ask? How does a broadening market read to you?

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