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May Update

The rest of the month of May’s blog entries that are scheduled to be published have been put on hold. They will still be published but not in the month of May. They are still in the drafting stage and will not be ready for editing this month. Thank you for your continued support.  Feel […]

Mayweather v. Pacquiao

It’s Here It has been promoted as “The Fight of the Century,” and “Flash vs. Faith,” and in so many other ways to help PPV buys.  In today’s Sports Entertainment, there always has to be an angle, being a professional athlete goes beyond the ring and any other playing surface.  I was a boxing fan […]

The Bella Effect

Before Bella I have been Personal Training people for nearly 10 years.  Those that frequent my site, know that I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction for years.  How can I train people and struggled with substance abuse you ask?  Well, I didn’t, at least not very well. I would reschedule and cancel all the time. […]