Mayweather v. Pacquiao

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It has been promoted as “The Fight of the Century,” and “Flash vs. Faith,” and in so many other ways to help PPV buys.  In today’s Sports Entertainment, there always has to be an angle, being a professional athlete goes beyond the ring and any other playing surface.  I was a boxing fan for many years, I believe up until my favorite boxer at the time, “The Baddest Man on The Planet.” a.k.a “Iron” Tyson started spiraling out of control.


I kept up with boxing but something over the years changed, which made me stop watching almost entirely.  You see, it used to be, the best boxers, fought the best boxers.  It was only logical for the Champion to fight the number #1 Contender.  Well, what happened was simple, the greedy became more greedy and champions were not required any longer to fight the number #2 in the world.  Boxing became strategic and designed for the top 1% to make all the money while everyone else became lost in the fold.

The ego and greed became most apparent when Mayweather v. Pacquiao were pressured to fight each other 5 years ago by the fans.  You see, the fans are who pays the top 1%’s bills.  It would only seem fitting then, to give boxing fans what they want to see.  This is where Mixed Martial Arts has picked up business the most in boxing’s entitled arrogance.

Mixed Martial Arts Catering Service

UFC President, Dana White, simply gets it.  UFC makes money by giving fans what they want to see.  Imagine that, give fans what they want to see and from there, generate more dollars and new viewership.  Do not fear, this is not at all a blog entry on Mixed Martial Arts, as I used to be a fan before it was cool to be a fan of that sport.

Back to Business

As a Fitness Professional, I tend to work with similar clients with similar goals.  Boxing has always been a large influence on me and how I train my clients.  You can see some of that inspiration on my Fitness Training Playlist on YouTube (below).

Not only is boxing one of the best cardiovascular workouts in the world but one of the best, muscular endurance wise as well.  Combine that with the stress relief of striking focus mitts and a heavy bag, I can not get away from this type of training for too long before client’s begin asking me when they can do it again!

Business per Usual

Business will be per usual for the Grand Rapids, Michigan, native, Floyd Mayweather.  He is focused to remain undefeated, silent his critics for the last 5 years and go 48 – 0.  He does not look to be much in the gaming mood within the past week from what little I have seen of the media coverage.  The overly self-assured, often arrogant boxer, whose nick name is “Money,” will be surrounded by his “Money Team,” for support up until he walks into that ring.  The irony is, Floyd is a much different person in the ring than he is outside the ring.  He is not flamboyant, he is not arrogant, he is calm, collected, and extremely defensive.

Floyd in the ring is widely considered an absolute ring genius.  He is defensive, makes opponents not only miss but never the same each time.  How can an opponent learn from missing punches in different way throughout a match?  The idea of beating video games is to understand and learn from the artificial intelligence; well, Floyd Mayweather is natural intelligence in that ring and most artificial intelligence could not beat him.


In the other corner, the challenger, the fighter of the decade, Manny “Pacman,” Pacquiao.  This is someone also completely different than he is in the ring.  Throughout the week I have seen this guy adored by so many people around the world for the exact opposite of his rival’s personality.  Manny has seemingly enjoyed himself this week prior to the fight and has been nearly all smiles.  People can argue that could be nerves and it very well could be.  He is putting his faith in God and has said that he believes “God will deliver him (Mayweather) to me.”  He has more than once publicly acknowledged his faith in Jesus Christ and God.  Will that help him in this fight?

Well, not everyone believes in a higher power and even less admit to that or feel it is anyone’s business.  To believe in something in life, with all conviction, it is a powerful feeling.  Pacman has knocked a lot of people out with that puncher’s power of his and if he believes someone is looking after him during the fight, he may just have that punchers chance to win via Knock Out early.

Ring the Bell

Here is where I make my prediction, here is where I choose either Mayweather or Pacquiao to win the match.  Well, I am not much for predictions as I am not much for statistics and tales of the tape so to speak.  As a former athlete, it is hard to predict such things when you can not get a direct internet feed to the competitors brain and mind set.  A lot of what they say may or may not be real.  Sports now is business and entertainment, where showmanship is just as important as wins and losses.

As a Fan

I would like to see a few possible scenarios play out during this match:

  • Floyd being the defensive, counter puncher, take it to scorecards and collect the victory like usual. I would like to see Floyd go on the attack and win by Knock Out in the 3rd round.
  • I would like to see Pacquiao win by Knock Out in the 3rd round. I would like to see Pacquiao go the distance with Mayweather and win by a Unanimous decision.
  • I would like to see either Mayweather or Pacquiao win by KO in the last round.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: At Last

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