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I have been Personal Training people for nearly 10 years.  Those that frequent my site, know that I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction for years.  How can I train people and struggled with substance abuse you ask?  Well, I didn’t, at least not very well. I would reschedule and cancel all the time. I knew my subject area well and my ability to coach, motivate and inspire was there… I ultimately was rescheduling too many of my sessions and finding subs to take over my fitness classes.

I basically torpedoed by own business, my So Crucial MD brand because I could not come to grips with what I was afflicted with.  This disease affects others like me, within every industry and culture.  Athletes, celebrities, teachers, nurses, doctors, elected officials and so many more have struggled with addiction of some kind.

I have not touched a mind altering drug since February, 2013 and my return to being self-employed and building my brand up once again has been a humbling experience from the wreckage of my past.  I have been lucky enough to pick up some old clients, pick up some new ones and even hired by some long time friends (which I am always cautious about).

Which leads me into this blog entry which I know my regular readers have been waiting for.  Here is the

Bella Effect

I can’t say enough about this person.  I have known her for years and I have always thought so highly of her.  I have never asked her to train with me and that’s not because I did not want to work with her.  For me, personally, I need to let people come to me.  I do not push my services onto anyone, let alone people I have known for years.  Do I feel everyone could use my services? Yes.

That does not mean everyone is ready for them.  I can only show people where the door is.  Once I show them where it is, they will have to be the ones to want to open it.  Well Ms. Bella Maria, she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  She opened the door one day and asked if I would help her.  I absolutely was going to help because I knew, I know what kind of work ethic I am working with.

She is one of the most hard working people I have ever met and she cares so much for her family.  She has gone through some trials and tribulations which she has made it through.

We started Online Personal Training, I mean we started with Whole Raw Food Coaching, and without structured exercise, she is losing weight in a safe, healthy way.  She is looking long term and choosing a healthy lifestyle instead of an unhealthy trend or attempting a dangerous surgery.  The result has been a steady, week to week, consistent weight loss.

Bella Maria Interview for Transcript:

MD: You started with me in late January, how many pounds have you lost without exercising since then?

BM: I have lost 18 pounds so far with no exercise. Jan 23rd was when we started.

MD: What made you decide to want to work with me at that time?

BM: I have known you for a long time and know you only like to work with people who are really ready for change and have that mind set and I felt at that time that I was mentally ready for a lifestyle change. I have always respected your knowledge on healthy eating and personal training as well. I knew you could get me on the right path.

MD: Did you have any concerns at that time with the programming or prior to the programming?

BM: My concerns were that I would be hungry and not able to stick to the calorie range for me.

MD: Has anything surprised you about yourself since then?

BM: Yes, I am surprised at how much I actually enjoy eating fresh fruits and veggies. I honestly did not think I would like it as much as I do. Also, I did not think I would have to eat so much just to get in 1200 calories. It is just so much food.

MD: What has been the biggest change, you have noticed since late January?

BM: The biggest change I have noticed is how easy it is to eat this way and how less work it is than the way I was eating.

MD: What about challenges, what has been the biggest challenge since you started? Is it still a challenge today?

BM: The biggest challenge for me is not allowing my unhealthy mind set to take over my healthy mind set and corrupt my plan. I have struggled with anorexia and bulimia since I was 13 years old and maintaining a constant diet without letting emotions control my eating is very, very hard. I still and will always struggle with this for the rest of my life.

MD: You have been making videos on YouTube  about your journey, has that helped you stay accountable?

BM: It has helped me stay accountable, yes, because I know that I will continue making videos and if I don’t discuss my journey further due to failure than those people will come a knocking sort of speak and want to know what has been going on.

MD: Do you ever see yourself doing anything different then what you have started in January?

BM: I am not sure. It will definitely not be taking any steps back if I do change but only better ways for me to be able to carry on this way of eating and lifestyle forever and to my children. So that they are more mindful of what goes into their bodies and how it will affect them negatively and for healthy eating positively.

MD: For those people that want to make a change but for whatever reason are not in that place yet, do you have any advice for them?

BM: I would say to those people set a goal and think about what you have to do to get to that goal and ask yourself is the outcome worth it? If they are scared of not losing weight “failing” they need to know they won’t if they stay on track because “it is science” as you say 😉

MD: What is the ultimate goal for you, has that goal or goals changed at all?

BM: The ultimate goal for me is to be healthy. I used to say when I am happy with myself but because of unhealthy thinking I don’t think I will ever be able to look at myself in the mirror and say I am happy just like this. That is something I struggle with daily and even when I had a six pack, when I was 18 years old that I worked my butt off to get, I still thought I was fat and wanted to lose weight and get leaner.

Just being healthy is good enough for me. I feel that once I am at a healthy weight I can work on accepting myself and learning to love myself more. I refuse to enable myself when I know my weight is hurting my body. I will not accept that or love me abusing my body. For people that are wondering numbers I need to lose 80 more pounds to be considered healthy.

To Be Continued…

What’s Next

The next time will catch up with Bella Maria, will be this summer.  Make sure you check out a couple of her YouTube Videos below and also Subscribe to her Channel.

Bella Maria’s Weight Loss Journey Videos

We did not start BM on Whole Raw Foods from the very beginning, we initially made sure we subtracted certain food, what I call the “lesser of the evils,” and instead increased her whole foods.  After awhile, she became willing to go more than just 50% and attempt 100% Whole Raw Foods as you can see from the video below.

Here is the beginning of BM’s Weight Loss Journey Videos.  This video in particular touches on a very sensitive subject and is very powerful.

Videos are a great way to stay accountable to yourself and your subscribers. It takes a lot of courage to do what BM is doing but the benefit is accountability to yourself and your subscribers, as they can become encouraged by your videos.

I would encourage you to Subscribe to Bella Maria on YouTube, so you can be notified of new updates.

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