Archive | June, 2015

What’s Your Child’s Learning Style

Below is a exclusive Guest Blog, by a highly respected educator, by the name of Jon Hop.  I want to thank Jon for his willingness to be a regular Guest Contributor on and we hope to format the website soon to reflect his addition to the team. Bio: Jonathan Hop is a Math/Science […]

Fitness Professionals Are Here to Stay

I have been asked if I think Fitness Professionals will have a career much longer with the rapid advancement of fitness trackers and rising smart phone apps.  What do you think? My view on this subject is very simple.  Unless those applications can properly progress the individual in a very focused, safe & efficient manner, […]

Fit Weekends

Are you in need of rest & relaxation?  Is your body, bikini and swim suit ready?  Would you like your meals arranged for you and a fitness regiment implemented for the summer? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you can qualify for my Fit Weekends being held over the course of 4 […]