Fitness Professionals Are Here to Stay

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I have been asked if I think Fitness Professionals will have a career much longer with the rapid advancement of fitness trackers and rising smart phone apps.  What do you think?

My view on this subject is very simple.  Unless those applications can properly progress the individual in a very focused, safe & efficient manner, then Fitness Professionals will always be needed.

I like to look at Fitness Trackers, Health & Fitness applications as the Personal Assistant to your training, a supplemental companion if you will.  Fitness Professionals are much more than that.  They act as the Teacher, Coach, & Mentor.

Fear not, would be Personal Trainers & Group Fitness Instructors, you will always be needed.  Nothing can replace the motivation a client can receive from an actual person, who is invested in seeing them do well.  That does not mean Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors are going to have a long career though.  To become a Fitness Professional, trainers and instructors have to do more than just learn their subject area.  To replace what technology can already do, Fitness Professionals have to emphasize the “personal,” in Personal Training.

The most important aspect of Personal Training and being a true professional, unfortunately can not be taught.  In order to be successful in the Fitness & Health industry, professionals must have those intangibles that can not be learned in the classroom.  I am expressing the importance of being fully aware of people and their personalities.  Everyone is different and how one client responds to certain motivation, may be quite different than how another is motivated.

Unless Fitness Trackers develop real life Artificial Intelligence, I do not see Fitness Professionals becoming obsolete.  Trackers and apps can motivate in a different kind of way but for how long?  How many people are using a tracker and app(s) without the help of a Fitness Professional to accomplish all of their goals? Often times, I see really no real change that lasts.

I would dare share, that in my opinion, the only people able to use only tech, are people that are current athletes and former athletes.  Are those the only people I think can get by using tech only? No, I also think, anyone that is self-disciplined & self-motivated, could possibly also attain their goals, using just tech.

Of course, there are many variables as well.  There is really no certain criteria in my opinion, to show a correlation, between active Fitness Tracker/Smart Phone App users and successful goal completion.

Good luck to everyone using Fitness Trackers and Smart Phone Apps.  I find some of them to aid in a current regiment but nothing can ever replace a true Fitness Professional.

If you are a Fitness Professional or aspiring to be one, feel free to get more information, as I offer consultations.

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