Season 3 Finale of The DKMD Show: MD’s Journey

I wanted to end Season 3 with a Finale to THE DKMD Show on YouTube that covered my journey, from the show’s inception ’till now.  As always, THE DKMD Show on YouTube is not a monetized channel, in other words we are not paid to support ads.  Any episode you watch will be FREE of ads.

Our Health show is an unbiased one.  THE DKMD Show does not have experts, only people with experience and healthy results.  I’ve had an incredible time doing the show and need to thank everyone that has been a supporter of our show.

This Health show has truly started at the grass roots level and has grown organically.  We have not advertised our show.  THE DKMD Show reaches those people that need it most.  It will put people that do not care for the information to sleep and that’s ok too.

The show follows a one-take style, primarily no editing and production from start to finish.

I co-hosted the show with my best friend from high school, who I have known since 1995.  It was a real honor and pleasure to do the show with him, as he is one the of most brilliant people I have ever met.

Here it is, below, my journey up until this Blog entry, for and if you are watching from a desk-top, lap-top, or tablet, annotations will be enabled to access more content.

If this episode, and/or any other episode could benefit someone you know, feel free to share it with them or entire social networks.

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What Fuels Your Fire?

What Fuels Your Fire?

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