Michael Dadourian Training: My Motivation

Music is one motivator.

Music is one motivator.

Death Bed to Flat Bench

In February of 2013 I was struggling for my life in a hospital bed for days.  The progression of addiction took me to the last stages of substance abuse. I was not eating and was drinking alcohol to stay alive, as my body needed it so that it would not completely shut down.  So how does a fitness enthusiast, turn fitness career professional, almost succumb to the effects of addiction.  Well, addiction effects many people in various industry, including professional sports and fitness. If you want to read more about my road from addiction to recovery, click here.

Fast forward to today, I have fully recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body.  I actively try and practice exercise of my spirit, mind and body.  One of the most helpful aids in my journey in recovery has been, being a part of THE DKMD Show with long-time friend, family member, DK.

I began really training hard again May of 2015, after years of not doing much of anything, besides using and destroying the personal brand I had built.

I started going back to methods of training that really helped during my modeling days.  My goal was to fitness train for function but also body aesthetic.  I played soccer for years, so my training for a long time was very sports specific.  I do not play soccer anymore however.

My training can now be best described at certain stages of the year, as a hybrid version of “cross-fit,” mixed with principles of “bodybuilding.”

I move a lot of weight and it is important for me to track it.  I am not a big fan of many apps but I have been using an app that has made it much easier to log my training, without having to write in a journal as I go.

Below is a screen shot I shared on GooglePlus, of me reaching half a million pounds of weight volume. Feel free to Follow me on Google+ for more updates on my training.

Cooked Foods to Raw Foods (Whole Foods)

Being a Whole Food Raw Foodist I have had to, through trial and error, figure out the best foods for me to consume. I have more energy than I have ever had in my life and and I am also as strong as I ever have been. The scary part is, as of this blog, it has only taken me a little over 2 months to get there. I am 19 pounds heavier and I am pushing and pulling weight around with new personal bests almost on a weekly basis.

To see what I am eating, check out the Whole Food Raw Foodism Community on GooglePlus.

Perfection to Progress

For me, everything always had to be perfect or I could not do it.  I have learned and practiced to accept that nobody, including myself can attain perfection.  Perfection in itself is a mythological idea.  I am motivated by the steps forward I take.  I am motivated by the positive people I have beside me.  Patience was not something I ever had and it has been one of the most difficult virtues to continuously practice.

I don’t believe this idea that people can’t change.  People can change and do change, just as sure as the Earth spins.  The only question is, will a person change for the good or bad?  To be willing to change for the good is not the most comfortable thing to do but it is the most rewarding.

People can change their spirit, mind, and body through awareness and practice.  Action does indeed change everything.  My motivation is to be the next best version of myself.

There’s More Motivation…

Music Moves

There is something very tangible about putting on head phones and turning up the volume to engage focus.  When my workout requires a certain intensity, then I call on my workout playlist, courtesy of GooglePlay. Caution, explicit lyrics ahead.

Relationship Status

I have met people that when they are single, they are much more motivated to workout and train.  It is almost as if that is the sole motivation for their training.  I am not saying anything is wrong with that, it is merely an observation.  I tend to be more of the opposite, if I am with someone romantically, intimately, I feel added motivation from my core drive.  I want to look great for her and I want my training to be functional for better “quality time,” between us.

Enemies of the State of Mind

For as long as their is breath in my lungs, not everyone will be a fan of mine and that is not something I’ll always be able to change.  All I can do is use my past as motivation for a better today.  It is none of my business what every human thinks of me, it is my business to do the next right thing.  Nobody can infiltrate the mind, unless they are allowed too.

Current Favorite…

Whole Raw Foods


My workout playlist.


What motivates you? How is your current training coming along?

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