Michael Dadourian Training: Travel Plans

One of my priorities is to keep my physical fitness going on a consistent basis, despite traveling.  I must factor in, how long I’m going to be gone and what phase of my fitness training I am currently in.  That’s ultimately going to tell me if I need to take equipment or if I can get by without.

My favorite exercise equipment that I choose to carry  with me is my bag of resistance bands.  I like using resistance bands in general, they are an added benefit that they are extremely convenient to carry around.  They are light and fit into any small luggage bag.

If I know I am going to be staying at a hotel, I’ll still bring my resistance bands, just in case the hotel’s fitness room is busy.  Most hotel, fitness rooms are not very large. Although, they usually meet the needs of the select few who utilize that specific amenity.

It is not a bad idea to factor in a hotel’s fitness room before you book.  Make sure the hotel you are interested in has a fitness room and if it does, ask some additional questions.  If your training is cardiovascular centered these days, make sure they have cardio equipment, such as treadmill.  They may also have an elliptical, stationary bike and chances good, that they have a pool.

If you are focused on strength training and/or muscular endurance, make sure they have equipment to facilitate that kind of training.  Equipment such as dumb bells and machines will cater to that end of fitness training.

Let’s say that I’m not staying at a hotel and I do not have my resistance bands with me, then what do I do?

It’s actually pretty simple, I will perform unloaded, body-weight, squats.  If I only have time for one exercise in the day, that’s also my go-to-exercise.

Traveling is something I cherish very much, especially because I am living a sober life.  Proper planning goes a long way when trying to stay on track with goal(s).  The people that plan ahead are usually the same people that realize their goal(s) sooner than later, just in time to make new ones.

Now what about an after workout snack, what do I eat? Well, this hotel’s fitness room had me covered even though I had planned ahead.  Too many options of course is a good problem to have. An apple it is.

An apple for post training.

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