Things You Should NOT do to Your Personal Trainer

Be Late or Cancel

Things all happen in our daily lives and some things are just unexpected.  If you know you are going to be late or you will not be able to keep your session altogether, notify your Personal Trainer immediately.  An appointment with your trainer is just as important as any other appointment you would make in life, whether it is a doctor appointment, hair appointment, therapist, etc.  Their time is just as valuable as yours.  To stay in your trainers good graces, definitely stick to your appointment times.

Make Excuses

If you are looking for an excuse not to train, then any excuse will do.  Longtime trainers have heard them all.  If you do not want to train with your trainer, just tell them you don’t want to train anymore and be kind about it. Fulfill the remaining sessions if there are some and go on good terms.  Breaking up is sometimes hard to do but great trainers will understand and appreciate you being honest and genuine.

Not Following the Program

Your trainer’s program should be the best, most efficient way to get you to your goal(s), safely.  If he or she is giving you advice on anything in your program, you should follow it to the best of your ability.  It is okay if you have questions, especially if you need clarification.  If you feel your health or safety is at risk, then immediately cease your training and ask to be referred to another trainer.  A good trainer will be happy to refer you to someone you will be more compatible with.  The point is, when you are paying someone to help you towards your goal(s), it is best that you can trust what they are saying is going to benefit you and not hinder your progress.

As a Health & Fitness Professional, I encourage people to talk to more than just one Personal Trainer, Coach, Fitness Instructor, etc.  The idea is to feel comfortable and build a professional working relationship with them.  Once you have chosen someone you can trust, it is always a good idea to get medical clearance from physician before partaking in any exercise program. 




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