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My 1st Book

I want to 1st and foremost thank everyone in my inner circle for encouraging me to follow through with my book.  If it was not for some of you I am not sure I would have been able to continue on with this project. Before I ever studied exercise science, my undergraduate studies were in […]


We are still trying to work on putting together a great Guest Blog Contributor Staff for you all. Until then, I am jut going to continue to submit our current contributions through me. I have not edited anyone’s submitted blog, all thoughts are from the contributors themselves. Today’s contribution comes from DK, from THE DKMD Show […]

THE DKMD Show is Raw

I love being at the lake whenever I have the chance. City life can get to me and so when I need to take a break from people, I travel north a few hours and settle in, lake side.  I love going by myself but it is also nice to bring people that mean the […]


To those people that have supported my So Crucial MD brand by buying the clothing, modeling in them, sharing them, and otherwise promoting them, I want to express my deepest thank you. To those that saw the value of my brand from the very beginning, especially those people that did not know me a long […]