We are still trying to work on putting together a great Guest Blog Contributor Staff for you all. Until then, I am jut going to continue to submit our current contributions through me. I have not edited anyone’s submitted blog, all thoughts are from the contributors themselves.

Today’s contribution comes from DK, from THE DKMD Show on YouTube! He is also a great friend, family since 1995. DK is one of the most brilliant minds I have ever met and is self-educated through books, mentors & other forms of research.

His topic today –  No labels.

Labels limit & labels divide. People that know the power of labels, use labels to conquer or cop out. Those that don’t need to think about how any label can affect that person. Even your given name is a label used by common law to control. You are not a name, you are not a race, you are not a color, you are not defined by who you are attracted to; you are a human being, that’s the only label that matters. If someone gives you a label that is their choice not yours. – DK

Think about it.

Think about it.

What do we think of labels?

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