Michael Dadourian Training: 3 Year Plan

Body Aesthetics: 1/2 of my Motivation

Body Aesthetics: 1/2 of my Motivation

You see it all the time, the progress images from the beginning of a person’s journey, up until goal. I encourage my client’s to take images of themselves, just for themselves, each week. this way they can see their progress.  Whether or not they want to share it with the world, via social media, is up to them.

The motivation for people to share their imagery on social media will differ from person to person. For many, it will be to attain some sort of affirmation from others. This of course is an insecurity issue.

For other people it is a way to stay accountable to their own program. They think, that if they share their journey (including pictures and/or video), that they will have to continue on and stay the course. This is  way to see it through.

What sharing your journey can also mean, is hope.  It can show people that anything is possible with a willingness to do what it takes.

Always have DD’s in the palm of my hands; discipline and dedication are quite the handful.

It takes 3 years of consistent training and eating well, for the body to see it’s best body aesthetic and reach its full, functional potential.

Everyone is different and everyone has different goals. Personal training and coaching people for 10 years has really been an amazing experience.  No matter the goal, the most difficult thing for most is reaching that point of becoming willing to begin.  It is taking that 1st step which is the most difficult for most.

For me it was the same. Being a former soccer player, athlete and coach, addiction still could not escape me. I destroyed my body from substance abuse, almost ended me.  To get back up and begin again, my goals were much different than they ever were when I was an active athlete.

I had to learn to walk again, almost literally, learning to take small steps from the hospital bed.  For the 1st year of sobriety, I just walked, I did not do anything else active.  I did not touch a weight until I was 2 years sober.  Then I picked up my first weight and began consistently pushing and pulling loaded weight around again.

I have motivation to push myself like I once did when I was a young adult. It has been very rewarding to gain my strength back and than some.  My motivation is not just about body aesthetic, it’s about function.  I want to first and foremost, do all the things that daily life requires me to be fit for. That means walking, lifting, pulling, pushing.  It means going from parking lot to store, it means lifting boxes, opening up cupboards.  It means pushing open doors and holding doors open for people.

It also means giving my girl the biggest hug and asking how her day was.  It also goes beyond that, it goes into the bedroom, for the only 1 on 1 sport I play today.

I am happy to be alive at my age, when I was not promised many more days when I could not put down the bottles.  I’m grateful to the exercise and whole raw foods for healing my body, as the body is extremely resilient. It has to be, the amount of poison I ingested should have killed me already.  However, the body heals itself remarkably and the brain is starting to heal now as well.

I am happy to continue on my journey. If it is going to take me another 2 and a half  years of consistent exercise and healthy dieting to achieve my best capable body and form, then this is a good start.  The man in the mirror feel pretty good today.

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