To those people that have supported my So Crucial MD brand by buying the clothing, modeling in them, sharing them, and otherwise promoting them, I want to express my deepest thank you. To those that saw the value of my brand from the very beginning, especially those people that did not know me a long while… you all are held near and dear to my heart.

If you have not bought your So Crucial branded yet, or you want to extend your So Crucial branded collection, take a look at the current inventory in the MichaelDadourian.com Shop.

If you have So Crucial branded currently, make sure to include #SoCrucialMD if you share pictures on Instagram.  At that point, MichaelDadourian.com will automatically pull your Instagram share, to the #SoCrucialMD homepage, activity feed.

For those that do not have Instagram, feel free to share it with your other networks and email any pictures to michaeldadourian@gmail.com

Below Adree DeSanti, one of the first ladies of #SoCrucialMD

Adree is So Crucial!

Adree is So Crucial!













Brilliance comes through with the lyricism for So Crucial below.

Tania Tapia trains in #SoCrucialMD

Dora Miller is So Crucial

She’s #SoCrucialFamily and the Face of #SoCrucialMD – Kristy Ann

More Kristy Ann on MichaelDadourian.com

Antoinette Marie is a So Crucial Original

More Antoinette Marie on MichaelDadourian.com

Candid #SoCrucialMD


Willy Northpole










Deryck Whibley of Sum 41













Tag #SoCrucialMD on Instagram

  • See what So Crucial has available in the Shop at MichaelDadourian.com
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Tag #SoCrucialMD on Instagram

Tag #SoCrucialMD on Instagram

More images at So Crucial Events: Back To The Future and information and to apply for me to Event Host your next Event.

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