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Lake View

Lake View

I love being at the lake whenever I have the chance. City life can get to me and so when I need to take a break from people, I travel north a few hours and settle in, lake side.  I love going by myself but it is also nice to bring people that mean the most to me. What’s this have to do with THE DKMD Show? It has 1/5 to do with it actually.

You see, resonance is a topic of the show and to surround one’s self with nature is absolutely paramount.  Nature resonates incredibly with me.  I don’t have to hear sirens, cell phones, people yelling, music, television, cars, etc. All that is left is… nothing but birds chirping and animals running about.

We started THE DKMD Show on YouTube, so that we could talk about our journey and what was working for DK and myself.  Personally we both had things we were dealing with health wise, directly and indirectly through family, we wanted to find the right information to help.  It so happens that through the 1st season of the show, it was very broad but very enlightening for our continued shows.

As far as I am concerned, I did not want the show to be produced, edited, otherwise made to entertain.  The content itself is serious on the show, after all, we do express that “if your health isn’t right, you have nothing left.” I could not see us being an entertainment channel on YouTube just to gain a lot of views and new subscribers.

I felt that whoever watched our show, was going to do so because they wanted to learn from people that had the experience of healthy living. The content was is the primary focus of the THE DKMD Show.

I also did not want to monetize the channel.  In other words, we were not and are not going to allow ads to be used on our channel.  Those ads could certainly help the channel by getting many more views and making us money.  The problem is, I don’t co-sign any of those ads and so I do not want to be associated with their brands.

I can not be bought, I don’t need the money.  I do just fine without advertisement money from YouTube or any other would-be advertiser on my website.  If you notice, 10 years of and not 1 advertisement.  No annoying pop-up ads and no waiting through YouTube ads.

Some people have said our show is boring and I am not offended by that.  The right people will watch the show and do watch the show. People will either learn something or fall asleep.  I prefer they learn something and engage with DK and myself but I can not force anyone to watch; nor would I want to.

We will never pay for views either! People that pay for views just for the sake of views has never registered with me.  For me, I want to know organically, how many views I am getting and from where. I can’t very well know that if I am paying for the views and subscribers.  That to me is baffling. My numbers are organic and our show is raw.

It’s time to go back to nature; if you like all things Health related…

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  1. Lisa December 23, 2015 at 11:22 am #

    I like this, “People will either learn something or fall asleep.” Your show is useful and informative. I have watched it. I never fell asleep 😀


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