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I have a soft spot for animals and children.  I feel their innocence is so precious and should be protected at all costs.  The toxicity does not have to reach them, yet unfortunately, toxicity and negative energy can be transferred to the innocent.  They become less trusting, they become less outgoing, they become more withdrawn and caged.

I think if anything could push me over the edge, it would be me witnessing the mentally ill, abusing a defenseless, innocent animal or child.  I try not to think of that negativity, I won’t close my eyes to it but I do not have to dwell on it.  There are amazing humans on this planet, doing amazing things to better society.

I am very proud to revisit with my dear friend Caddy, after our first blog entry concerning her rescue, Spitfire K-9 Rescue!  I would definitely encourage my new readers to check it out here!

Caddy and her family have done such an amazing job rehabilitating unwanted, older, abused dogs.  To see how timid they are when they first arrive to Spitfire K-9 Rescue, to life being slowly brought back is just incredible to see.  It is through unconditional love, an energy that only a dog can sense in us.

Caddy is doing something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I have also shared the same goal of being able to start my own rescue and love on these dogs that were otherwise given up for dead.  Can I relate to these dogs?  I’d say I was just as broken as them, I can express my understanding to their eyes, what they have been through in a sense.

What happens when vetting costs, food costs rise, and donations cease to come in for a rescue?  I know what my dear friend Caddy has done, she has taken up creating art, to sell in her Etsy store.  I can only assume that not only is it helping fund the vetting, food and other costs, it is most likely a creative and rewarding outlet within her own growth.  I know it would be therapy for me.

Here’s the latest transcript with Caddy and I regarding Spitfire Treasures –

Click to proceed to Spitfire Treasures Etsy Store!

Click to proceed to Spitfire Treasures Etsy Store!

MD: Your rescue dogs are in such a better place with you and your family,  how rewarding has it been for you personally?

CL: Honestly, it’s a pain in the ass and a lot of hard work.  But I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. They complete me.

MD: How has the transition from Texas from Florida been for the dogs?

CL: It’s been great. The warmer weather has been better for the seniors.

MD: Your Etsy Store has some of the most beautifully inspired pieces. What inspired you to start it?

CL: Thank you! Well, my two passions in life were dogs and creating things.  Once donations for the rescue completely stopped, I knew I had to figure something out.   I knew with the economy, people couldn’t afford to just give money away. So I decided to create Spitfire Treasures, to sell my art and use the profits to feed the dogs.  It has worked so far. But I’m hoping to make enough to pay the vet bills as well.

MD: What is your top sellers? How long does it take you to make a piece like that?

CL:  My top sellers are the paws with wings. I designed and created it myself.  It touches me so deeply to hear the stories of the lost pets and actually be apart of their healing.  I put alot of heart into making them.
They can take anywhere from a day to 2 days.

MD: How can people find your store and all proceeds go to Spitfire K-9 Rescue correct?

CL: You can find my store on Etsy. I have new designs and creations up weekly. I am also about to open a store on my facebook page.  Yes, 100% of proceeds go to Spitfire K-9 Rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary.

Check out this Etsy shop!


MD: Is there any other info you would like my readers to know?

CL:  I never thought I would make it even this far. I couldn’t have done it without the support of you, friends and my husband. I am now dreaming big and I work my tail off.  You sharing, even just liking the posts gives others the opportunity to see it.  The ripple affect from that can resort in saving another dogs life.  So, you can help, even in the smallest way.
Thank you♡

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