3 Years of Continued Sobriety

Truly fortunate today.

Truly fortunate today.

Last week Friday, like the majority of Fridays, began the same. I woke up, washed, drank my juice and headed out, to chair a support group meeting.  I was afforded the opportunity from my sober coach to service people that are recovering from addiction, just as I am.

I have to express, we are very lucky to be able to hold our support group in such a wonderful place.  It is a tucked away, quaint, cozy-like coffee shop.  The sun peers in from the courtyard and I love getting there early and sit by the fireplace, while I wait for my sobriety coach.

It was the same, leading up to my coach arriving and us talking as we usually do for the next 30 minutes, by ourselves.  For me, one-on-one time with my coach is necessary.  Then, in walks some of my closest family in recovery, bringing in cake (for everyone but me) and fruit for me.  I really had not given too much thought on my 3 year anniversary.  As I have mentioned before, I am truly not sure when the actual date of my last drug was.  It is speculated that it is the 4th but it could be the 5th or it could have been the 1st of February.

Either way, I am not a day counter because I continue to believe, that I am not going towards any singular destination and I am by no means graduating from addiction.  I not only accept the fact that I can’t drink and pop pills anymore but I am proud to stand up and bring attention to the disease of addiction and the stigma that still follows it.

I could not have made it three years sober without Mi Familia and to receive my three year token from my coach meant the world to me.

Something tangible to mark the occasion.

Something tangible to mark the occasion.

To be able to feel that coin in my hand, made the day feel very real.  Three years of emotion and appreciation, I could barely contain myself.  After all, I knew that so many people do not make it and I am reminded of some of my friends that have passed because of their lost struggle with addiction.

There are so many people out there struggling and so many people have misconceptions of addiction.  All I can do is stand up and model this addiction as I used to model eye wear and other product for a pay check.  In fact, the best modeling I can do is the kind that is for our youth, to show them that things do get better.

I have learned things from my first year of sobriety, my second year of sobriety, and now my third year of sobriety.  I will continue to do the next right thing, I will continue to stand up to the stigma, that was forced upon me and others around the world.

I am not going to hide the fact that I don’t drink and pop pills, I am going to continue to live a straight edge lifestyle, publicly.

I am very excited that I have been able to put my thoughts down on paper, drafted and published on my blog… laced my recovery journey, within my new book, Intimate Recovery, which will be available late Spring / early Summer of this year!

I did not get sober for anyone but myself.  Ultimately, I could not get sober for anyone but myself.  At three years sober, it has been easier to stay sober than it was to get sober but where there’s will, there’s way.

More video vignettes at IntimateRecovery.com, also, feel free to sign the Guest Book while you’re there and sign up to be updated of the book’s release.

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