Invited: Part I

Sexual Content Ahead – Dangerous Curves

Model Attraction

Model Attraction

Long distance had me looking through that web glass, for a hour; anticipating the weekend my hands would explore that hour glass.  36″, 23, “36 is the combination that unlocks her flexibility.

Anticipation is a natural aphrodisiac, action pumps blood through my body’s limbs.  She has me unlocking my physical potential, my workouts are designed for her. Training sessions consist of me pushing & pulling the equivalent to her body weight, 120 pounds from position to position.

My body aesthetic is designed for her pleasure. My shape, my cuts, my lines, all direction markers for core euphoria.  Aesthetically enticing to her eyes is all that matter.

A flight to go see her, is 4 hours of foreplay in my own mind.  Touching down on that tarmac has me anxious to touch her with my hands, tongue and lips.

I can barely wait for the plane to clear before I make it past the baggage carousel and into each others arms at last.  Massaging her lips with mine, moving in perfect symmetry has one strong combined heart beat vibrating each other’s chest.

We play a game of who can walk to the car quicker, tugging on each other to go faster with each step taken.  My fingers grab a hold of the top of her jeans and pull her into me at various points of our walk, embracing her each time, fully feeling her body pressed against mine.

Our hands on each other’s leg on the way to the hotel, exploring the heat between. Every red light has us making out and trying to keep our respective hearts from beating out of our chests.

Kissing, barely able to get into the elevator without leaving a trail of baggage with our clumsy nature.

To Be Continued…


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