Invited: Part II

Aesthetically pleasing, sexually satisfying.

Aesthetically pleasing, sexually fulfilling.

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Sexual Content Ahead – Dangerous Curves

Where was I?  Let me think back to “Invited: Part I” for a moment, while I bend and wrap these words around this image of her on the bed… I’ll use this alphabet for mutual satisfaction.

Oh yea, my mind and body is there again. It’s my call now, I’m coaching. Stumbling from wall to wall of the elevator, fumbling for mutual assets, recovering that hour glass from top to bottom, my hands come up, full grasp.

Elevator door opens, she presses that close button, she is coaching this play. She pushes me up against that back wall, her fingers grazing my abdominal muscle, down to the top of my jeans, while her lips caress mine.  Her body, fully pressed and waist magnetically locked against mine.

Fuck this, a quick squat underneath her, I scoop her up over my shoulder, with my arm locked around her leg and my hand clasping onto her ass; I press that open button. With urgency, grabbed both bags with my left hand and dragged them, while carrying her to our room.

Still on my shoulder, remembering where I put our room key, she reaches down and grabs it out of my back pocket and hands me the key. Dropping the bags, I use that free hand to unlock the door, I enter her  the room and lower her onto the bed while sliding  into onto her.

Our lips moving to our own song, not thinking about anything but appreciating the rhythm of our kisses.  Wanting to see her head tilt back, my lips took me to her ear lobe to kiss and gently nibble, while I tell her how much I love kissing her skin.

My lips traveling in line, down from her ear lobe, onto her neck and across her collar bone and back up her neck, to her soft, lips.  Kissing with intermittent tongue touches, tasting every inch of her canvas.  Using my words to tell her all the things we are about to do, tracing those words with my tongue near her hip bone, across her naval and to the other side.

Pelvis tilted upwards, I pull her jeans off, no panties reveal more skin for me to kiss, suck & lick to taste.  Warm, soft, incredibly wet and yearning for more.  Using her strong legs to climb on top of me, she kisses and traces the lines around my abdominal muscle, with her tongue.  She could feel more muscle pulsating with alpha strength; wanting her bad and she knows it’s a big problem. She welcomes me.

A mouth so warm, eyes so passionate and mesmerizing. A touch so addicting, powerless with each inch that disappears inside.

Sitting up, she climbs on top, legs wrapped around my waist, both our hands wrapped around each others lower back, pulling each other closer.  Both of us not thinking and comfortable with each other, allows for a mutual climax, at the same time; that started a weekend of continual, mutual, sexual paradise.

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