The Aleksandra Effect

Time under tension.

Time under tension.

I have recently begun training a courageous young woman with an incredible story of perseverance and determination.  Aleksandra is her name and she is one of my Friend & Family Clients; she is not waiting any longer to do what she can, to function again at a high level and look her very best, while increasing her overall confidence!

I will be helping Aleksandra during the Spring, lose over 20 pounds and lower her body fat percentage as well.  I have also taken her measurements, as that is the most accurate way to assess loss, since weight fluctuates daily. Our body’s chemistry is different depending on the person, so we all lose it differently at first.  If the stomach is the last to hold onto those stubborn fat stores, it’s only a matter of time until that last portion of body fat has no other place to hide.

We have just began not too long ago our first couple sessions and will continue on with a safe and efficient program, suited just for her.  I will help facilitate a proper progression according to her wants and needs.

Here our interview with Aleksandra

MD: You are very optimistic and have a great attitude about your training. Did you have any apprehension or concern about personal training with me?

AS: I never had a concern about training with you. I never doubted you even once and your capabilities. I have seen pictures of you, therefore I knew I was choosing someone who knows what he is doing.  🙂

MD: For people that are not familiar with what you are trying to accomplish and for those people that may have similar goals, where are you trying to go with this; what are your goal(s)?

AS: Most of all my goal is self-confidence and my health. In the past three years or so my life went off track somewhere in there and I gained weight, making me lose my self-confidence. My health also got worse with the weight gain and therefore I realized I needed to make changes in my life and get back on track. I want to be healthy and happy  with myself again.

MD: Why now, what made you want to decide to train now?

AS: My mom has been having health problems a lot lately and it made me realize you only have one body and one life so take care of it. I’m still really young and this is not the position I should be in with me worrying about my blood pressure or what not. Also, you came into my life as a good friend, and with you being a trainer, figured I would ask for help from a friend and not a stranger who doesn’t know struggles or care.

MD: How do you feel after the first couple of training sessions?

AS: I feel very positive. I had a great experience training and would definitely recommend you to anyone. You don’t overwork me in our sessions but you also don’t underwork me. You know what to do and how to do it with the right amount. I feel great.

MD: What are you most excited about once you reach your goal(s)?

AS: definitely looking better for sure lol. My health and confidence. And with that confidence I am really excited about getting back into my modeling that I have been turning down a lot due to my weight. Definitely can’t wait.

MD: We are going to check in with you, back here, once a month to revisit your progress and updated goal(s).  I know you are going to do brilliantly. Stay tuned everyone for more of the Aleksandra Effect!

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