Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory

Science over Trend

Science over Trend

Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory, located at an undisclosed location! What you see above, is just half of the remodeled room, the other half is comprised of numerous mats and area for resistant band and body weight exercise.

Why do I train myself here and not at a public training facility?

I enjoy training myself here, privately, for one main reason… I am a Personal Trainer and am trained to spot bad form and potential injuries.  When I am at a public training facility I see 99.9% of people doing something wrong and a smaller percentage of those people doing something that could cause minor, to serious injury.  Even if I don’t work for the facility I am training myself at, at what point does it become my responsibility to possibly save someone from serious potential injury?

I can not just go inside a training facility without noticing serious malfunctions with people’s activity.  I’m too programmed, I have been a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor since 2006.  Training at a place that I worked for may be great advertisement for my services but than that’s the goal for that day because I know I won’t actually get a focused workout in, for myself.

Interested in your own space of your house converted into a fitness area?

I have helped many people convert areas of their house into fitness spaces.  Here are some things to think about before turning space into your house into a workout area –

  • What are your goals and how much space do you have to work with?  This is going to depend on what kind of equipment you will need to invest in.
  • What is your budget? How much money do you have to invest in this area? You may want to cancel your higher membership dues at your current facility.
  • Shop around. Make sure you do your research on the equipment you want and try and find deals.  If you do not know where to begin, I would encourage you to hire a trusted fitness consultant, such as an in-home Personal trainer.


The first thing I did, was decide on which space I wanted to convert in the home.  From there, I needed to start from the ground up. I researched pricing on flooring and when I was satisfied, I had that delivered and installed.  I was able to install the flooring myself, it was not difficult and I saved money this way.

Once the flooring was installed I purchased the specific equipment that was going to benefit my training most consistently.  As I mentioned above, do your research, try and find bargains and discounts on equipment and if you are unfamiliar with equipment, ask questions!

I remember when I first started training in my laboratory, there was a problem that I did not foresee… the extended scenery!  For example, I would perform squats, while straight in front of me, what is it that I see? If you answered a wrap-around couch, you’re right!

Psychologically, I needed to aesthetically transform my fitness area, to look like a fitness area.

I decided to purchase an Asian inspired partition, a room divider that would completely block from view, the other side of the room  This helped me focus much more on my training.  The great thing about training at your home though is simply this, when you finish, you can shower and go recover on the couch after… rest & recovery!

I would highly recommend rethinking rooms of a home. I would challenge everyone to convert even the smallest of space to a fitness area!

Does that mean you have to stop training at your public training facility?

I know it may have read like that but I am not expressing to my readers that they cancel their memberships.  Some people really need to walk into the doors of a facility and if that makes you accountable, than keep doing what works for you.  I myself, still have a membership, to a facility and I will go if I need a change of scenery or the type of training, warrants using different equipment, other than the equipment I have.

Get help.

It never ceases to amaze me that we are willing to get help in life in so many different areas, other than fitness.  If you are having trouble staying accountable or accomplishing your goals, get help!  I have always respected those people that get help for all areas of life that we could benefit.  Find a reputable, trusted, Personal Trainer. Do your research and if it does not seem like a good working relationship

There is no destination, only progress in a never-ending health & fitness journey. Form follows function and body aesthetic is the bonus of that function.

I train for function & body aesthetic.

I train for function & body aesthetic.

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