Canines Teach Humanity 101

Over the past 10 years I have re-enrolled in courses that dogs teach.  Those courses are in the humanities.  I am a firm believer, that if a person would like to be a better human, learn from a dog, as they will teach a person how to be humane.

Below, Opie is anxious to start a game of tag with his Uncle Mike, as my other nephew, Buddy, indifferently looks on.


Tag You’re It!

Both Opie and Buddy were found and rescued from a life of abuse, malnutrition and utter despair.  They were both underweight and deathly afraid of humans.  Both Buddy and Opie are a breed of Pitbull.  Now that breed inspires a great deal of opinion by so many and wrongfully so.

The media’s attempts to cast an entire shade over the entire race breed is irresponsible and ignorant.  The real problem is not the dog itself but the owners who care, who don’t care for these animals.  I have seen some owners use the animals, just as security dogs, barely fed and beaten!  I have heard of owners using these animals in illegal dog fighting circuits!

Mistreat and/or abuse an animal and/or human for so long and watch them break, snap, and die a miserable death.

Love and care for a dog, then watch as they love you back unconditionally.

I have heard that dogs are like extended family.  I slightly disagree but understand the sentiment.  I happen to believe dogs are family.  They are like son’s and daughters.  They love people, unconditionally, when taken care of.  It does not matter how bad our day was, they always know and they always care.  Dogs can feel our pain, they can sense our energy.  We can be in the worst mood and all they care about is making us feel better.

Not all humans will always be there for us but our dogs absolutely will.  I would argue, that’s one of the biggest reasons, that us dog lovers, have no patience with animal abusers.  Only a human would take more than they need, only a human can understand and celebrate greed.  A dog is hungry for two things, food being one and love being the other.  That’s it, no more, no less!  They teach us everyday how to be humane.

If you witness animal abuse, do not turn away from it.  Please do something about it.  Do your research and know who to contact in your area if such atrocity is witnessed. I did find this link to Animal Legal Defense Fund.  For the record, I have never had to call or contact anyone in order to save an animal because I have taken matters into my own hands.  Having mentioned that, I am not sure if the site link above is recommended or not. If you know of another site or phone number to call, please feel free to state it in the comment section below, as it can help our blog readers at

If you have a rescue dog, that you would like to share, feel free to CONTACT ME HERE and we will do a blog about your dog(s) family member(s).

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