Warning – Explosive Content Ahead



Not since, I was Invited, have I came and went stayed.  She was extremely accommodating, which made my stay that much more fulfilling.  How could we top months of anticipation and a first encounter, indoors and horizontally, engaging?

How about a couple more months of absence and anticipation?  How does that sound read to you? This time, let’s stay out West and drive until sunset; let’s keep it outdoors for the night.  As this plan begins to take shape and I am getting ready to see the woman of my dreams reality, I’ll create a blog entry and schedule it to publish while we’re driving the interstate with the top down.

Surprise Baby Girl! Let’s stop the car and finish the story, as it never has to end.

We hurriedly, pull off the road, our hands simultaneously meet, each other’s skin.  Skin so flush and soft to the touch, our lips get their first taste of remembrance.  Our lips reintroduce themselves, top to bottom, and bottom to top, our tongues dancing, slowly.

Beautifully, she climbs over the seats and straddles me.  She tilts her head back and looks into the sky as she throws her hands up, into the shallow sky; a sky setting, for the most magical of firework shows, that will undoubtedly have more than one encore.  Hands still playfully raised over her head, she glances down at me and smiles; that look was enough to tell me that her top is coming up and over her elongated arms.

She grabs my face and kisses me and I reach around her and firmly grasp as much of her amazing ass in my palm.  My other hand automatically goes towards the side of her face so that my fingers can feel her cheek, jaw bone, ear lobe and neck.

I made sure that my manual was automatic, as I navigated her curves.  She felt my desire, she gravitated to what was so set in stone, as that was about to be her firm, foundation.  This shouldn’t feel better than the first time but it does! I could swear they set off every firework in the state, at the same time because the ground shook the car, underneath us.  Maybe it was not the ground that vibrated our vibrant bodies, together.  I felt her though, every inch of her and as we were connected, by body parts, I felt like those fireworks were working towards it’s first encore.  Kissing every few seconds, separating our lips only apart to breathe breath, into each others lungs and our foreheads meeting holding each other up at the head.

The desire was saved, saved just for her.  As we reached that finality of a firework, we kissed harder, our voices guiding us to a euphoric, explosion.













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