Sold Out

I am going to be coming out with new blog entries every week, leading up to my eventual ghost status, beginning January 1st, 2017. At that point, I will no longer publish anything as Michael Dadourian. If you, as a reader, would like me to blog on a particular topic, contact me through

This is what I like to call, my Drop the Mic Pen Tour! Follow me on Google Plus for NEW and archived posts like this one below!

As I sit here, within my sanctuary, I can not help but be mindful of where I have been and where I am going. As a human in the present day, I continue to create boundaries, so that I may continue to live in a state of recovery. I am grateful so far, for how well received my Intimate Recovery has been.  Thank you to all my friends, who I choose to call family, for not only purchasing one copy but some of you that bought copies!  Soon my book will be available to a much larger audience.

Feel free to REVIEW my Intimate Recovery HERE!

This tour is SOLD OUT!

This tour is SOLD OUT!

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