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Welcome to the Pontiac Creative Arts Center

Welcome to the Pontiac Creative Arts Center

I received the other day, a wonderful email from my photographer friend, John Carlson.  In that email, he told me that he was apart of a crucial event, the First Annual Portrait Exhibit Partnering with Orchard’s Childrens Services.  Orchards Children Services aid in helping children of all ages find families to call there own.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the first night’s reception, as I would have enjoyed putting a face to all the young models who are looking for homes.  I did however attend the exhibit the following day and I was the only one inside.  I was able to be joined by the Executive Director of the Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Bill Dwyer.

It was a joy to hear the wonderful stories, orated by Bill, as it pertained to these gifted young people.  As I walked around, I was an absolute awe of the care that each photographer took, in order to highlight these young people’s personalities.  It was also nice to see the personal pieces that the photographers brought, that are for sale and which a portion of the sales will help these children continue to pursuit a home and family they can call their own.

This is just some of the the work on display at the Pontiac Creative Arts Center.  If you have any questions about how long the exhibit will stay up, please call or email Bill Dwyer, at 248.333.7849 or

You can also inquire about renting out space for your own exhibit, as well as what kind of events and classes are taking place at the Pontiac Creative Arts Center.

If you want to buy my Intimate Recovery piece, it is $800.00 and a portion of the proceeds will go to the children!

Intimate Recovery

Intimate Recovery

I was very pleased that John & Jim Carlson, as participating photographer of this amazing cause, decided to use my art as their personal piece for the exhibit.  They are remarkable photographers and I am more than pleased to know what ended up, as my book cover for Intimate Recovery, could also help benefit children that desperately need to find families.

I was happy to donate yesterday and I would encourage anyone visiting the Art & Soul exhibit of Oakland County, to do the same. Below are some of my images of the brochure, that can help educate my readers on how they also can help these amazing young people.

Feel free to visit the Pontiac Creative Arts Center at 47 Williams St. Pontiac, MI 48341 and call for open hours at 248.333.7849

Also for more info on Orchards Children’s Services, please call 877.529.5532 and visit

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