How to Eat a Potato Raw

Many of my readers may already know that I am a certified in coaching Whole Food Raw Food Diets.  I myself have been eating Whole Food Raw Food for almost 2 years and I have never felt better.  I have more energy than I ever have in my entire life.

I also started with my best friend, the Whole Food Raw Foodism Community on Google Plus.  It was created so that the like-minded could gather and learn more and Whole Raw Foodism.  It is also a great place to find motivation, inspiration and to stay accountable.  Feel free to take a look and join.

Japanese Sweet Potato

Japanese Sweet Potato

Japanese Sweet Potato

There are so many types of potatoes, around the globe.  I can eat the same type of food everyday but I do like to throw in some variety.  I tend to enjoy sweet potatoes the most and Japanese Sweet Potatoes are a rare treat for me.  Potatoes can be eaten raw.  Yes, you read that right, potatoes can be eaten raw.  This is a question I am asked often.

Some smaller potatoes can be eaten like an apple.  In most cases, the potatoes I eat are too large to be eaten like that. I cut them close to “potato chip” thin.  I think of them as raw potato chips.  They have a great crunch and they are very satisfying.

Eating an entire medium to large potato will be less than 200 calories and I will venture to say that the person will be satisfied to full after eating it because of the density of the potato. People like me, have to eat 2 to 3 per day because my caloric requirement calls for more consumption.


I tend to eat raw potatoes around 9 or 10 in the morning because of how dense they are.  They require more time to digest, It’s very important to masticate each bite and so it also takes longer to consume because of that.

Have you tried eating raw potatoes before and if so what’s your favorite kind?

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