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There is a reason I made her the face of my #SoCrucialMD brand.  Claudia Verela helped my brand immensely in the beginning, 10 years ago but I all but destroyed myself, along with my brand through substance abuse.  Along came a woman, enter fellow model, Kristy Ann, that would not only become later one of my best of friends but someone who resurrected my So Crucial brand.  I was struggling to remain sober during that time and when most people cared less, she invested and cared most.

Outwardly beautiful women are everywhere but there is only one Kristy Ann.  I have met beautiful women on the outside and the person I am is a person that gives people that chance to shine inwardly.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of beautiful people in the world that may look great on the outside but for whatever insecurities they are dealing with on the inside, they are not beautiful on the inside.  Kristy is a rare beauty with a heart to match.

Kristy Ann is one of the most dynamic women I have ever come across.  She can not be labeled and can not be placed.  She just is.

She has a heart that is true and genuine and as a worker and student of the modeling game, she is one of the best.  As a has been model, she inspires my own work, I find her motivating and inspiring.  Her ability to change her look is what I always prided myself on being able to do. She just does it phenomenally and her presence is undeniable.

She can sell any product or service and it is in a companies best interest to book her before she runs out availability. There will be network links below if interested in contacting Kristy about potential opportunities.  Keep in mind she is already booked into 2017 and the sooner you contact her about work the better.  Kristy Ann is extremely professional, please keep that in mind when contacting her.

It had not been since March since interviewing the “Face of So Crucial,” so I thought it was that time to do so.  Below is the interview transcript between Kristy Ann and myself.

Kristy Ann Interview with Michael Dadourian from

MD: I was just reading the last interview I had with you, back in March!  I did not want to duplicate any of our line of questions.  Of course when I support you by buying publications you are featured in, I also want to be mindful that I don’t ask you questions from those interviews as well.  I tend to think those questions from the publications are very adult oriented.  You are very professional, yet very candid.  Have you always been like that?

KA: I’m not really sure . That’s an interesting question.  Probably something that’s developed over the years being in the industry 🙂
MD: Knowing you over the last few years, I know a couple things you could talk about for hours but my readers may not know.  Could you tell my audience what’s one thing that could keep you talking forever?
KA: My son.  He’s my absolute world .  Anyone that truly knows me, like you do, knows that’s basically all I talk about 🙂  lol
MD:  Yes I do know that and that’s great that you do. What did you imagine yourself doing for a career when you were in High School?
KA: At first I wanted to be an accountant, then psychologist. haha
MD: What kind of student were you in High School and did you play any sports or participate in any extracurricular activities?
KA: I was a big nerd and pretty smart. I danced… ballet, tap, jazz and pointe, all through high school.
MD: Has a certain genre of modeling or acting piqued your interest this past season?
KA: I want to do fitness modeling so badly, it is such a commitment, mentally and physically. One day I’ll get there. 🙂
MD:  You had a major feature in a music video recently.  How did that come about and were you pleased with the process and the finished product?
KA: I actually went to high school with the video producer. I hadn’t talked to or seen him in many years ,But we were friends on social media so he knew of my modeling career.  He reached out to me and I was so excited and honored.  The shoot itself was awesome.  Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a job.  I love the end result,  I couldn’t be happier 🙂
Kristy Ann’s Music Video Feature below –

MD:  Do you think you would like to do more music videos or transition into other genres of film?
KA: Yes I’d love to.  I’ve done some extra work in movies in the past and I’d definitely love to do more.
MD:  What should a potential director, producer, photographer know about you and your brand before they attempt to hire you?
KA: Im a true professional. I may act or look a part in some of my work but that doesn’t mean I’m actually that person. I will be whatever I’m hired to be in front of the camera.  And off I’m just as professional.
MD:  Since you are the Face of my So Crucial brand, what is it you would like to see as a next up color scheme and if you could add clothing to the simple lineup, what would it be?
KA:  First off  I’m so honored to be the face of your brand 🙂 Hmmmm maybe some off the shoulder slouchy comfy sweatshirts for the fall 🙂 pink, obviously pink! lol
MD: What’s next for you?
KA: I have a bunch of magazine covers releasing over the next few months so I’m super excited about that and will keep you posted as they release. 🙂
MD:  What’s on your mind… right… now?
KA:  What an easy interview that was because it doesn’t feel like a stressful actual interview,  I’m just having a great conversation with a dear friend. 🙂
MD: As always, a pleasure Kristy, thank you. 🙂

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Kristy Ann

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